How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Sep 12 2007

''Ben-__'' HUR
''Dancing Queen'' band ABBA
''__ move on!'' GETA
An NCO, informally SARGE
Ancient Britons CELTS
Bargain-hunt SHOP
Be bold DARE
Be gracious THANK
Behaves ACTS
Breakfast orders OMELETS
Bring into accord ATTUNE
Campaign tactic SMEAR
Chimney nester STORK
Church contribution TITHE
Come to the rescue of AID
Cupid alias EROS
Ends of rivers MOUTHS
Environs AREA
Feudal boss LORD
Flow out DRAIN
Foot part INCH
Forest clearing GLADE
Forward thrust LUNGE
Furniture-leg leveler SHIM
Get too scared CHICKENOUT
Gymnasts' pads MATS
Implants EMBEDS
Krishna worshiper HINDU
Latin dance CHACHA
Like blue moons RARE
Like some power NUCLEAR
Loud sound BANG
Malamute's burden SLED
Malden of ''Patton'' KARL
Manufacturer MAKER
Military cells BRIGS
Munro's pen name SAKI
Oklahoma city ENID
Old jalopy CLUNKER
Operatic piece ARIA
Pay attention to HEED
Pirate's booty SWAG
Poked fun at MOCKED
Polite word SIR
Poor grades DEES
Ragtime dance TURKEYTROT
Religious ceremony RITE
Rowing implements OARS
Sandwich cookie OREO
Scholarship basis NEED
Sheep shelters COTES
Ships' steering devices RUDDERS
Small bill ONE
Space-station view EARTH
Spew lava ERUPT
Spring fest need MAYPOLE
Stick (to) ADHERE
Strong-arm COERCE
Tailed toy KITE
Taunting laugh HAH
Telegraph WIRE
Temporary peace TRUCE
The good guy HERO
Thick fog PEASOUP
Toledo's lake ERIE
Unpleasant situation MESS
Used to be WERE
Vaccine type ORAL
Video-game pioneer ATARI
With suspicion ASKANCE
Zero, in sports slang GOOSEEGG
__ voyage party BON
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