How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Oct 25 2015

''Arrowsmith'' author LEWIS
''Coraline'' author GAIMAN
''Exodus'' protagonist ARI
''If I Were __ Man'' ARICH
''If __ told you once . . .'' IVE
''Long to reign __'' (''God Save the Queen'' lyric) OVERUS
''No ifs, __, or buts!'' ANDS
''Seriously!'' NOFOOLIN
''Soixante minutes'' HEURE
''That's fantastic!'' WOW
''__ was saying . . .'' ASI
155, to Nero CLV
Adherent: Suff ITE
AFL partner CIO
African cobras ASPS
African fly TSETSE
Alien greeting not found online? TAKEMETOYOEADER
Allegro __ (very fast) ASSAI
APB issuers PDS
Archer, at times AIMER
Art Deco designer ERTE
Authoritative sources BIBLES
Back, in Bordeaux ARRIERE
Baseball great Gehrig LOU
Bedroom bureau CHEST
Beethoven's ''Für __'' ELISE
Behaves ACTS
Big name in bowling centers AMF
Blender setting WHIP
Book copier of yore SCRIBE
Canadian skating champ Brian ORSER
Ceaselessly EVER
Charitable ones GIVERS
Clear understanding GRASP
Coffee bean holders not found online? BAPSACKS
College sr.'s test GRE
Covered, as some candy COATED
Diamond scoreboard letters RHE
Downton Abbey workers MAIDS
Eastern French region ALSACE
Egypt's Asian region SINAI
Elaborate residence ESTATE
Electrical measures OHMS
En __ (as a group) MASSE
Eroded ATE
Exertion, so to speak SWEAT
Extremely small ATOMIC
Eyepiece LENS
Fam. member REL
FDR successor HST
Fertilizer ingredient NITER
Fluffy scarf BOA
Former Warsaw Pact mem GDR
Frat letters CHIS
Funny line QUIP
Got wind of HEARD
Greets rudely ACCOSTS
Grp. promoting road safety MADD
Hard candies not found online? SOEMONDROPS
Have a yen for CRAVE
Have credit from OWETO
Highly haughty ARROGANT
HP printer rival EPSON
In the midst of a makeover REDOING
In __ (stuck) ABIND
It shines on Spain ELSOL
Keyboard shortcuts MACROS
Kitchen utensil SIEVE
Legal claim DROIT
Luaus, often ROASTS
Macroeconomic stat. [the other one] GDP
Make parallel ALIGN
Management level TIER
Misconduct mark DEMERIT
Mislead LIETO
More current NEWER
More peevish SORER
NBA tiebreakers OTS
Newsstand array MAGS
Noisy bird MACAW
Obamacare initials ACA
Old theater entertainment not found online? BESQUESHOWS
One from Wagga Wagga AUSSIE
Onetime electronics giant ITT
Oscar actor Alan ARKIN
Papier-__ MACHE
Pin in a ring, maybe WRESTLE
Pittances MITES
Place to walk ONAIR
Poe story not found online? THEPOINEDLETTER
Poetic preposition AFORE
Political pamphlet TRACT
Pragmatic person REALIST
Prefix for conference TELE
Professor's domain ACADEMIA
Put new turf on RESOD
Range rover STEER
Rare plants not found online? FOEAFCLOVERS
Realistic-looking LIFELIKE
Rink group not found online? CINGTEAM
Roadhouse INN
Rodeo Drive designer GUCCI
Salt Lake City athletes UTES
Scale pair REMI
Seashell necklace LEI
Shoe strips WELTS
Show contempt for FLOUT
Show the ropes to TRAIN
Sing soothingly CROON
Skiers' hangouts LODGES
Sloping walks RAMPS
Sock part TOE
Soldier's station POST
Soup thickener AGAR
Southeast Asian language LAO
Special interest grp ORG
Sports card stat HGT
Start of Popeye's credo IYAM
Stitch pattern not found online? KNITONEPTWO
Subject to doubts INSECURE
Sushi tuna AHI
Think about IDEATE
Thinks about for a while Sleepson
Tie at anchor MOOR
Typical billing period MONTH
Urban renewal target GHETTO
Washington's Grand __ Dam COULEE
Weather report not found online? HOYFORECAST
Wedding notice word NEE
What ''cuisines'' means KITCHENS
What Zambonis scrape ICE
Why nine answers here aren't found online URLISMISSING
Wrote software CODED
Wryly funny IRONIC
Wt. watchers woes LBS
__-Fine pudding MYT
__-frutti TUTTI
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