How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 22 2007

''Aladdin'' prince ALI
''Cabaret'' Oscar winner MINNELLI
''New World Symphony'' composer DVORAK
''That's good enough'' ITLLDO
Adjective for Turkey BICONTINENTAL
Air pollution SMOG
Arduous activity TOIL
As compared to THAN
Babbles on YAKS
Baltic nation LATVIA
Be firm INSIST
Beef cut LOIN
Bobbsey girl NAN
Caspar and company MAGI
Certain scout's concern TALENT
Channel entrance INTAKE
Compare LIKEN
Corpsman MEDIC
Daffy Duck, e.g. LISPER
Dixieland trumpeter HIRT
Earlier AGO
Electronic read SCAN
Fabric fold PLEAT
Felonious flames ARSON
Festive occasion GALA
First-class, so to speak PRIMO
Fish feature GILL
French state ETAT
Frenzied AMOK
General Hayden's org. CIA
Go away LEAVE
Green course SALAD
Green expanse LAWN
Hard bread ZWIEBACK
Hero sandwich HOAGIE
Ice-cream thickener AGAR
Indonesian island BALI
Informers FINKS
Intellectuals LITERATI
It's measured in degrees ARC
Japanese city KOBE
Largest US union NEA
Leader of the Muses APOLLO
Major Istanbul attraction TOPKAPIPALACE
Make firmer BEEFUP
Mets Hall of Famer SEAVER
Mineral springs SPAS
Oldest of the Marxes CHICO
Ontario's provincial bird LOON
Outpourings SPATES
Pampering, for short TLC
Perfectly still INERT
Raffle buy, perhaps DONATION
Region east of Suez SINAI
Rhinelander's refusal NEIN
Southwestern gully ARROYO
Spill a secret BLAB
Storm center EYE
Summary stat. AVG
Surmounting ATOP
Swimming event MEET
Tampa NFLer BUC
Telescope target SKY
Thornton Wilder alma mater YALE
Thoughtful one DOLL
Town on Lake Geneva EVIAN
Try for a goal KICK
Turkey was once part of it BYZANTINEEMPIRE
Ultimate NTH
Unconfident attempt STAB
Uneasy longing ITCH
Warplane mission SORTIE
What a tartan may symbolize CLAN
When shadows are shortest NOON
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