How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Nov 16 2007

''Bewitched'' aunt CLARA
''Good'' person SKATE
''Now __ me down . . .'' ILAY
''See It Now'' host MURROW
''Time Machine'' people ELOI
''What's Love Got to Do with It'' name TINA
Abound TEEM
Almost a majority HALF
American seismologist RICHTER
Asks of PUTSTO
Basic nature ESSENCE
Be situated LIE
Beef or lamb REDMEAT
Bernie's songwriting partner ELTON
Cantina concoctions MARGARITAS
Cape Cod, essentially SPIT
Captain Kirk's pay STARTREKSTIPEND
Chews (on) GNAWS
City near Los Angeles AZUSA
Convergence points CENTERS
Cookie cooker OVEN
Criticizes RAPS
Derisive SNIDE
Duration LENGTH
Early afternoon ONE
Final Four game SEMI
Force measure DYNE
Foul caller UMP
Frank casing SKIN
French river LOIRE
Gelcap alternative TABLET
Get the goods on NAIL
Great Pyramid site GIZA
Green feature HOLE
Hand and foot UNITS
House site TREE
Irritable SNAPPISH
Jeer at TAUNT
Judy's eldest LIZA
Like ALA
Long jump, e.g. EVENT
Long-snouted mammal TAPIR
Made a mess, in a way SPLATTERED
Makes a memo JOTS
Minimally ABIT
Model's asset POISE
Monopolizes HOGS
Natural talent FLAIR
Nevada city ELKO
Oscar actress Rainer LUISE
Paternoster beginning OUR
Points in time MOMENTS
Radames' love AIDA
Show contempt SNEER
Sized up RATED
Skip, as a syllable ELIDE
Smeltery refuse SLAG
Social outcast NERD
Soissons state ETAT
Start a set SERVE
Stuck with a stick SPEARED
Student's choice MAJOR
Surprising folk tale STARTLINGLEGEND
Test model DEMO
Theater award OBIE
Threatened layer OZONE
Toned down MUTED
Tootler's need FLUTE
Transvaal settler BOER
Unable to choose TORN
Unwanted e-mail SPAM
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