How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 26 2018

#3 nation in natural gas reserves qatar
#30's nickname silentcal
''I think that's enough'' etc
''Let It Go'' singer in ''Frozen'' menzel
''Springing up like weeds'' group in ''The Music Man'' reeds
''Take this away!'' feh
A real hoot terrif
African lions, vis-à-vis Californians anagram
Alaskan city with a Santa Claus Lane northpole
Augmentation plus
Bash shindig
Beneficiaries of many 1 Across releases toystores
Big-win, high-odds game lotto
Brats' cousins kielbasas
Cap limit
Capitale del Piemonte torino
Captain America in Marvel films evans
Cloud storage document accesslog
Corny creation cob
Descriptor for breads or pubs seedy
Either of a culinarily picky pair sprat
Eminem's Missouri birthplace, familiarly stjoe
Empty of significance inane
Encouraging word try
Focus of Genesis 7 ark
Frat letter eta
Fritz's running mate in '84 gerry
Greatly aton
Gym event meet
Impediment to advancement snag
In now tony
Incumbent successor of Mao xijinping
Iron __ ore
It's slashed for everyone heshe
Keats' ''friend to man'' urn
Look unhappy sneer
Lunch with beefsteak, perhaps blt
Marathoner's munch energybar
Minimal groups duos
Nautical nickname capn
NBA's ''Big Baryshnikov'' shaq
Nearby inthearea
Nobody's fool sagacious
Numerous Mozart ''free-standing'' works arias
Opposite of 4 Down nada
Oversaw tended
Participate havearole
Proves the value of tests
Real hoot scream
Real hot one sizzler
Reliever salve
Server with Speer, 1947-1966 hess
Shylock, for example miser
Small denomination sect
Spa favored by Proust evian
Start to mend com
Stop working at cross purposes unite
Strong affinity yen
Studio with the all-time highest average global gross pixar
Sunset intersector vine
Taking after ala
Tear up cry
They're not so tough pussycats
Title character of the 1958 Nobel novel zhivago
Too eager to please indulgent
Warm up, perhaps prep
What Dr. King said ''confuses life'' hatred
What Fat-Free Pringles were made with olean
What Freud called the ego ich
What many a train case holds makeupkit
White House tree-house dweller amycarter
XXIV hours diem
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