How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com May 21 2019

''It's clear to me now'' isee
''No bid'' ipass
Actress Catherine __-Jones zeta
Aids in wrongdoing abets
America's uncle sam
Ancient artifacts relics
Apex acme
Bit of sunlight beam
Brief argument setto
Burgle steal
Camel cousin from 8 Down llama
Capital of Morocco rabat
Car with a meter taxi
CIO partner, informally afofl
Crafty sly
Crunchy sandwiches, for short blts
Early Civil War combat battleofbullrun
Edges of sidewalks curbs
Environmental sci ecol
ET's transportation ufo
Exist are
Firecracker sound bang
Foe enemy
From India or Japan asian
Fully attentive rapt
Gem weight measure carat
Grain ingredient in beer malt
Hamilton foe Aaron burr
Highest poker card ace
Hip-hop performer rapper
In __ of (notwithstanding) spite
Is able to can
Island near Curaçao aruba
Jury member peer
Liquid medicine amts ccs
Lobster's cousins crabs
Lug around tote
Make simpler ease
Maple or mahogany tree
Men's formal suits tuxes
Metal in 43 Across iron
Military support grp uso
Molecule part atom
Nary a soul noone
New York NFL team buffalobills
No later than until
Note equivalent to B cflat
Ocean liner ship
Of few words terse
Of warships naval
Operatic solo aria
Point opposite WNW ese
Reach across span
Reading email, say online
Receive bad advice getabumsteer
Remove pencil marks erase
Runway material tarmac
Say ''Achoo!'' sneeze
School near Sunset Blvd ucla
Scornful, as remarks snide
Shortened wd abbr
Small mattress size twin
Sort of steak tbone
Sultan's wives harem
Sword metal steel
Threw lightly tossed
Ticket remnant stub
Top of the head pate
Unable to decide torn
Urban rd ave
Vicinity area
Walking stick cane
Where Lima is capital peru
Winter vehicle sled
Word-of-mouth oral
__ and dined (entertained) wined
__ de Janeiro rio
__ Romeo (Italian auto) alfa
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