How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 27 2019

''For starters . . .'' first
''Precious'' rock stone
''__ first you don't . . .'' ifat
A Kardashian sister kim
Agrees silently nods
Aware of onto
Be nostalgic for miss
Bedtime wish sweetdreams
Beefy meal roast
Begin blooming bud
Bent over stooped
Biblical songs psalms
Blood tests, for instance labwork
Burger topper onion
Clear the whiteboard erase
Coffeehouse order latte
Counting everything inall
Creative pursuits arts
Croatia neighbor bosnia
Cuban dance mambo
Currency of Belgium euro
Dine or sup eat
Dip without much zip mildsalsa
Door fasteners hasps
Embarrass abash
Environs area
Extinct birds dodos
False witness liar
French ''but'' mais
Heirloom bridal veil trimming oldlace
Inflexible about rules strict
Irish New Age singer enya
Japanese bean curd tofu
Jeers from the bleachers boos
Lab maze animal rat
Leafy cabbage kale
Legal claim lien
Limerick, for one poem
List ending abbr etal
Little darling cutie
Love madly adore
Lowered-payment loan, briefly refi
Mini-mischief maker imp
Nary a soul noone
New Delhi dress sari
Notion idea
Nourishes feeds
Pieman meeter of rhyme simplesimon
Polite address maam
Political theorist Marx karl
Prefix for virus anti
Primly dignified staid
Race with batons relay
Radar screen spot blip
Rapturous state purebliss
Realizes sees
Red vegetable beet
Rub elbows (with) hobnob
Seek damages sue
Semester term
Shade trees elms
Shed feathers molt
Sigh of relief aah
Slangy summons cmere
Slightly atad
Something easy snap
Sound of waves roar
Soup with 28 Down miso
Spanish affirmatives sisi
Spherical coif afro
Spinach-eating sailor popeye
Strong-armed coerced
Summer apprentice intern
Tentacle arm
Tiny scissor cut snip
TV host Seacrest ryan
Via ocean liner, e.g bysea
Whichever any
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