How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Mar 03 2019

''Grand Old Flag,'' per the song emblem
''Last Jedi'' general leia
''Later!'' to Luigi ciao
''Me, too!'' ditto
''Père __'' (French Santa) noel
''Piece of cake!'' noprob
''Steady as __ goes'' she
''What a pity!'' alas
113 Down's instrument organ
Analogous (to) akin
Attractive quality charm
Bad-mouth malign
Bard's pronoun thee
Baroque master bach
Be good for suit
Beams and boards lumber
Bicycle spokes, geometrically radii
Big kahuna topdog
Big screen theater imax
Birth name indicator nee
Blunder goof
Book in print since 1611 kingjamesbible
Bugaboo bane
Candy heart phrase iluvu
Cause to confuse bemuse
Cause to stumble tripup
Chaotic scene bedlam
Chocolate, for instance color
City near Syracuse utica
City west of Cheyenne laramie
Concrete support rebar
Congregates meets
Consequently ergo
Corn collection ears
Course with maps geography
Current measures amps
Daydreamy song from ''Les Misérables'' castleonacloud
Denny's rival ihop
Dependable safe
Diamond fixture homeplate
Director from Taiwan lee
Dirt road groove rut
Doctor's order rest
Early Ford rival olds
Elizabeth, circa 1990 queenmother
Exerciser's loss flab
Farther up higher
Fellow, informally mac
Fighting fiercely atwar
Forbidden City VIP mao
Formal ceremony rite
Former filly mare
Former title of Desmond Tutu bishopoflesotho
Game summary recap
García of golf sergio
Gardeners' diggers trowels
Gem features facets
Give feedback react
Goes quickly zips
Golf hole's edge lip
Google rival yahoo
Grapevine story rumor
Ground measure acre
Guitarist's gadget capo
Hock shop documents pawntickets
Horror series airer syfy
Hubbub stir
Huffs and puffs pants
Hypotheticals ifs
Ian Fleming went there eton
Ice chest brand igloo
Internist's imperative stat
Iranian money rial
Jai __ alai
Judge to be deem
Judge's assessment fine
K-12 elhi
Kellogg's brand eggo
Lapel attachment mic
Lawn care device edger
Left the ground for a bit leapt
Leisurely pace lope
Lent follower easter
Lethargic state stupor
Lodge members elks
Long-handled tool hoe
Marines' theme, e.g hymn
Matchless sole
MBA's study econ
Metaphor for confusion haze
Milne character pooh
Minimal victory margin nose
Mother and Father titles
Motorcade car limo
Mythical weeper niobe
NBA venues arenas
Neighbor of Turkey iraq
Nettles irks
Object to mind
Old oath egad
Olympian battler ares
One way to submit returns efile
Opera tenor, often hero
Pancake house implements spatulas
Parcels (out) metes
Partakes of has
Perceptive alert
Phony baloney sham
Physicist Ohm georg
Poet Pound ezra
Prefix for tiller roto
Prevailed won
Protrude jut
Relaxation places spas
Restaurant review site zagat
Ruler of Qatar emir
Shampoo descriptor herbal
Shout at sea ahoy
Shrek, for one ogre
Sir's formal designation knightcommander
Small particle fleck
Smoothie flavor papaya
Sophomore, for example year
Sorority letter eta
Sound of surprise gasp
Southeast Asian language lao
Spherical hair, for short fro
Squealer rat
Starter like contra- anti
Strictly precise exact
Submitted sentin
Superman story regular olsen
Texas shrine alamo
Theresa May, for one tory
Tirade rant
Toledo's lake erie
Took a chopper, say flew
Took the loss ateit
Tot's boo-boo owie
Typical of like
Uppercase large
Veterans Day mo nov
Vote in elect
Wee hour oneam
Weekend classified listing yardsale
__ hygiene oral
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