How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 24 2018

''Mack the Knife'' singer bobbydarin
''Rose is a rose . . .'' writer gertrudestein
''South Pacific'' star on Broadway marymartin
''Such a shame!'' alas
''The Fire Next Time'' author jamesbaldwin
''Twelfth Night'' duke orsino
''Your time __'' isup
''__ we all?'' arent
10th-century explorer eric
503, to Caesar diii
Actor Davis ossie
African island nation comoros
Airport alternative to JFK lga
Alternate puzzle title theincrowd
Aniston, in headlines jen
Annex: Abbr addn
Apollo 11 astronaut buzzaldrin
Applies sparingly dabs
Auto club service tow
Barnyard sound oink
Baroque vocal work madrigal
Basic rhyme scheme abaa
Battlefield figure medic
Bonus plays, in Scrabble bingos
Brita water filter competitor pur
Catchphrase slogan
Certain cat or turkey tom
Cheney predecessor gore
Chinese zodiac animal rat
Circle segments arcs
City near San Jose salinas
Clock radio letters ampm
Colorful phrases idioms
Columbia Pictures owner sony
Come undone goneape
Concert venues arenas
Concurrence assent
Director Kazan elia
Dropping in on visiting
Employee's move, for short relo
Ending for velvet een
Ersatz Frisbee piepan
Erstwhile space station mir
Escapes from dodges
Excited, so to speak amped
FBI's division doj
Federal health law, for short aca
Federal IDs ssns
First ''Mad Men'' broadcaster amc
Fishing gear nets
Forensic TV franchise csi
Freighter's load cargo
French composer Gabriel faure
Garment spec size
German article ein
German statesman Adenauer konrad
Grain processor miller
Groups of species genera
Grp. composed of troops bsa
Henhouse product egg
Home to four billion asia
Home-building bird nester
Influenced to reconsider gavepause
Input again retype
It's s. of Saskatchewan ndak
It's s. of Superior wisc
Jazz drummer Gene krupa
Latin for 129 Across ovum
Latvia's capital riga
Letter closing asever
Loot from heists hauls
Lured with worms baited
Make __ for oneself aname
March Madness org ncaa
Meal served dish
Means denotes
Metaphor for career climbing rungs
Mogul nabob
Most jaunty airiest
Named periods eras
Needing assembly, for short diy
NL West team ari
Noble rank baron
Norm Peterson on ''Cheers'' wendt
Not cool unhip
Nutritive mineral iron
NY engineering school rpi
Obi-Wan in ''Star Wars'' alec
Obi-Wan in ''The Phantom Menace'' ewan
Old Testament kingdom moab
Old West badge tinstar
One of the WWII Big Three josephstalin
Painter of Tahiti paulgauguin
Patsy stooge
Perfect world utopia
Personal bearing mien
Picked a spot for sited
Picnic fare wiener
Pigeon's call coo
Plumlike fruit sloe
Poetic tribute ode
Prefix for nautical aero
Prince George's mom kate
Published in a paper ran
Ragtime master scottjoplin
Really long time ages
Reddish-brown titian
Revue routine skit
River formation delta
Sales staff reps
Script direction enter
Senator Feinstein dianne
Several some
Shut down closed
Sikorsky of helicopters igor
Sir __ Kingsley ben
Skateboarder's accessory elbowpad
Speaker's spot dais
Starter meaning ''automated'' robo
Subatomic particle boson
Throw off emit
Time of reckoning dday
Tirades rants
Too sure of oneself smug
Top bond rating aaa
Top brass execs
Trial figures, for short das
Trojan War hero ajax
Trooper's quarry speeder
Type of triangle isosceles
Unusual odd
Used a stun gun on tasered
Vacation rental car
Via, informally thru
Visibility reducer haze
Voice of Apple siri
Water down dilute
Weepy rock category emo
Western wine center napa
Without acclaim unsung
Wood shop debris shavings
Words from Juliet oromeo
Wouldn't hurt __ aflea
__ about (circa) onor
__ mater alma
__ Trapp (''Sound of Music'' surname) von
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