How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jun 20 2013

''48 Hours'' network CBS
''Pale'' potation ALE
A way crosstown BUS
Air-quality monitor: Abbr EPA
All together ASONE
Away from the office OUT
Ballroom dance WALTZ
Baseball scoreboard column INNING
Bit of sun RAY
Blood-bank stock PLASMA
Bottom-row key ALT
Bound bundle BALE
Camper's burden TENT
Carpet fuzz NAP
Chew (on) GNAW
Cleaning challenge GRIME
Concord UNITY
Constitution section on Congress' powers ARTICLEI
Customs MORES
Do without SKIP
Don't move STAY
Don't move SIT
Enterprise, for short BIZ
Enthusiastic RAHRAH
Essence NATURE
Feature of some clocks SNOOZEALARM
Fond murmur COO
Frat symbol PIN
Fridge raider NOSHER
Gallery event ARTSALE
Get to volunteer ENLIST
Get-up-and-go PEP
Horse handlers GROOMS
Knee neighbor SHIN
Large parrot MACAW
Luau locale MAUI
Manual consulter USER
Medicated disk LOZENGE
Memo order ASAP
Monkey business ANTICS
Move like a buoy BOB
Nullify NEGATE
Ointment BALM
On the ball ALERT
Once worked as WAS
Outer limit EDGE
Part of DJIA AVG
Plane's odometer-like device AIRLOG
Pooh Corner bird OWL
Prevaricator LIAR
Prophetic signs OMENS
Regretful feeling PANG
Request of ASK
RN work area ICU
Roll on a desk TAPE
Roll on a rink SKATE
Self-assured POISED
Set afire LIT
Sever HEW
Slightest sound PEEP
Soil turner PLOW
Speed meas MPH
Spinning AWHIRL
Teen activity SLUMBERPARTY
Tibet's locale EASTASIA
Trade center MART
Trash hauler SCOW
Two-continent country RUSSIA
What ''elle'' means SHE
What doctors call ''somniloquy'' SLEEPTALKING
Wild equine ASS
Word on a ticket ROW
Woven product CLOTH
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