How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jul 16 2006

''As __ on TV'' SEEN
''Damn Yankees'' role LOLA
''Iliad'' city TROY
''Phooey!'' DRAT
''Taras __'' (Gogol novel) BULBA
''The Godfather'' character SONNY
''Vanity Fair'' director NAIR
''__ it a pity?'' ISNT
'Hood nickname BRO
18th-century poet laureate ROWE
Actor Sean or John ASTIN
Airline overseer FAA
Altar constellation ARA
Ankaran, e.g. TURK
Aramis creator DUMAS
Arch city STLOUIS
Arrival en masse INRUSH
Art Deco master ERTE
Attach TAGON
Austen novel EMMA
Autocrat of yore TSAR
Barker's pitch SPIEL
Barrel maker COOPER
Baseball-book stat BATTINGRECORD
Baseball-card stat RBIS
Basilica parts NAVES
Become limp WILT
Biased one HATER
Black-ink entry ASSET
Blood fluids SERA
Book-jacket comment BLURB
Box-office buy TICKETS
Boxed up CASED
Brooklynese pronoun DEM
Bummed to the max SADDEST
Calculator button CLEAR
Campers' carriers KNAPSACKS
Ceramic creations POTTERY
Change-machine input DOLLARBILL
Charles' former sport POLO
Completes DOES
Corner piece ROOK
Crude org. OPEC
Debutante ball COTILLION
Delta preceder GAMMA
Did a 10K, say RAN
Double-reed player OBOIST
Duffel filler GEAR
DVD player button EJECT
Easy win ROMP
Edifice complex MALL
Electron's place ATOM
Exist ARE
Female donkey JENNY
Free of frost DEICE
From the top ANEW
Further away OUTER
Gadded about ROVED
Get in the way of DETER
Government center SEAT
Graven image IDOL
Grid great Rosey GRIER
Herbal drinks TEAS
Highway posting SPEEDLIMIT
In dry clumps CAKY
Itsy-bitsy TEENY
Jungle crushers BOAS
Karate level DAN
Lady Jane __ GREY
Like a hoarse voice RASPY
Like bar snacks SALTY
Literary monogram TSE
Little Red Book author MAO
Made fun of RIBBED
Madison Avenue blitz ADCAMPAIGN
Marsh of whodunits NGAIO
Measuring stick RULER
Mediterranean tree OLIVE
Money owed ARREARAGE
More serious GRAVER
More up to it ABLER
Muckraker Ida TARBELL
Mythical twin CASTOR
Nasal appraisals ODORS
Newborn's ID mark SOLEPRINT
Notable time ERA
November 11 honoree VET
Old VCR format BETA
Ounce fraction DRAM
Pageant topper TIARA
Pay attention LENDANEAR
Pint-sized WEE
Pork cut LOIN
Quick-witted KEEN
Reach across SPAN
Rotten kids BRATS
Rummy combo MELD
Russert of ''Meet the Press'' TIM
S&L clients ACCTS
Salamander NEWT
School on the Thames ETON
Scorecard figure PAR
SFO guesses ETAS
Shell game SCAM
Ship out SEND
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Skater Cohen SASHA
Skater Michelle KWAN
Sleep stage REM
Societal woes ILLS
Society hostess Perle MESTA
Solid/striped set BILLIARDBALLS
Source of retiree funds IRA
Speck sprinkled on a salad BACO
Speeder snagger RADAR
Spy's writing SECRETCODE
Stewart oater role DESTRY
Superior to ABOVE
Synthetic fabric ORLON
Take ten REST
Theater offering FILM
Theme of the puzzle THINGSTOBREAK
Think ahead PLAN
Three-time Best Director Oscar winner CAPRA
Tighten, maybe RETIE
Top prize JACKPOT
Toy dogs POMS
Try to cure TREAT
Turn topsy-turvy UPEND
Unskilled worker PEON
Unvarying in pitch MONOTONIC
Van Gogh locale ARLES
Voting no ANTI
When summer starts JUNE
Word form for ''milk'' LACTO
Work detail, for short SPEC
World Baseball Classic team USA
Worm product SILK
Writer Zola EMILE
Yalie ELI
Year-end airs NOELS
Zesty dip SALSA
__ fide BONA
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