How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 26 2017

''Get busy!'' DOIT
''Go Set a Watchman'' author LEE
''Just what I was hoping for!'' YAY
''Miss Saigon'' setting NAM
''Misty'' singer MATHIS
''War of the Worlds'' foe MARS
10th-grader SOPH
43rd st IDA
Actress Page or Barkin ELLEN
Administrative branches ARMS
Baby elephant CALF
Bailiwick AREA
Bellhop, at times TOTER
Blondie's young neighbor ELMO
Bobbin, e.g SPOOL
Brutish boss OGRE
Campsite fare STEW
Centers of pride EGOS
Chipped away at ERODED
Comment owning up to unfamiliarity NEVERHEARDOFIT
Concentrated DENSE
Deep-six TOSS
Dr. Pavlov IVAN
Elbow room SPACE
Encyclopedia qualifier SOMETIMESCALLED
Gravy ingredient BROTH
Hacked-off fairway DIVOT
Hasty flight LAM
Hiccup, for example SPASM
Holiday brink EVE
Houses and land REALTY
In a crowd of AMID
In the air ALOFT
Insurance specialty AUTO
Inventor Bell's nickname ALEX
It will often follow you ARE
Keep out BAR
Large library volume ATLAS
Lithuanian adoption of 2015 EURO
Little guy LAD
Little ones TOTS
Lloyd Webber score subject PERON
Long skirt MAXI
Looking down from ATOP
Make rhapsodic ELATE
Mani-pedi implement FILE
Mimic's work APERY
Mineral abundant in kale IRON
Moderate pace TROT
Musical syllables TRALA
Natural soother ALOE
Naval commandos SEALS
Ne'er-do-well ROGUE
Next stop after most greens TEE
Overly theatrical STAGY
Perfumery products SCENTS
Prefix for legal PARA
Refrain from AVOID
Repurposed bedsheet, maybe TOGA
Santa __, CA ROSA
Shoreline scavenger GULL
Skyline hider SMOG
Solemn ceremonies RITES
Some haberdashery HATS
Swindle SCAM
Tart-tasting, perhaps LEMONY
Telltale signs ODORS
The Big Easy, alternatively NOLA
Train of thought VEIN
Travel plan ROUTE
Uneasy feeling ANGST
What most donuts don't have ENDS
What the Marines' motto means ALWAYSFAITHFUL
Whirling water EDDY
Zebra cousin ASS
__ cit. (footnote notation) LOC
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