How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 24 2017

''That makes sense'' IGETIT
''__ be the day!'' THATLL
1,760 yards MILE
Almond/marshmallow ice cream ROCKYROAD
Ambulance destinations: Abbr ERS
Assemble, as troops MUSTER
Baseball arbiter UMP
Blueprint detail, for short SPEC
Brooch PIN
Butterfly catchers NETS
Cancel out UNDO
Canoeing spot LAKE
Catastrophic DIRE
Christmas Eve aviator SANTA
Clean air org EPA
Color variations TONES
Come to a halt STOP
Count in a quartet FOUR
Crime lab evidence DNA
Disney Florida theme park EPCOT
DJ's collection CDS
DVR button REC
Egotist's top priority SELF
Emphatic agreement YESYES
Extinct bird DODO
Flops on stage BOMBS
Four-door car SEDAN
Get ready, briefly PREP
Gets taller GROWS
Glances at SEES
Go off like a volcano ERUPT
Great joy GLEE
Green ice cream PISTACHIO
Have high hopes ASPIRE
Historical period ERA
Impartial FAIR
Ink spots BLOTS
Island near Maui OAHU
Joe Biden and predecessors VEEPS
Knight's title SIR
Knocks loudly RAPS
Large quantity SLEW
Lobster relative CRAB
Losing streaks SLUMPS
Luau instruments UKES
Maple syrup source SAP
Money owed DEBT
More pleasant NICER
Mornings, for short AMS
Newborn cow CALF
Old saying ADAGE
Opinion pieces ESSAYS
Otherwise ELSE
Over 18 OFAGE
Pampering treatment, for short TLC
Part of PTA: Abbr ASSOC
Parts of pogo sticks SPRINGS
Puts in the mail SENDS
Quick haircut TRIM
Radiate, as light EMIT
Rebuke harshly RAILAT
Skiing surface SLOPE
Snug and warm TOASTY
Song segments VERSES
Sprints and marathons RACES
Swindle SCAM
Tugboat sound TOOT
Turn the wheel STEER
Valentine decoration HEART
Vanilla/chocolate ice cream FUDGERIPPLE
Vanilla/nut ice cream BUTTERPECAN
Vends used goods RESELLS
View from the shore SEA
Wagering site: Abbr OTB
__ sail (leave port) SET
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