How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Jan 17 2016

''Cross my heart'' NOLIE
''Exodus'' author URIS
''Gunsmoke'' star ARNESS
''Steady as __ goes'' SHE
''Unquestionably!'' WITHOUTADOUBT
39 Down personnel LPNS
A Nashville sound TWANG
Abhors HATES
Abrade CHAFE
According (to) PURSUANT
Aficionado FAN
Airing in the wee hours ONLATE
Antagonist FOE
Auction nod, for instance SUBTLESIGNAL
Be beyond antsy CLIMBTHEWALLS
Bell-shaped bloom LILY
Bit of cybermirth LOL
Blog, essentially DIARY
Book backing SPINE
Booted, perhaps SHOD
Brainstorm IDEA
Breezes (through) SAILS
Cambodia neighbor LAOS
Car radio button SEEK
Cavalry sword SABER
Cinnamon or ginger SPICE
City near Scottsdale MESA
Cleanse (of) RID
Cold War-era construction BOMBSHELTER
Color-chart listing HUE
Come to terms AGREE
Cropped up AROSE
Danish shoe brand ECCO
Decides one will OPTSTO
Deep-space missions PROBES
Desi's daughter LUCIE
Designer Perry ELLIS
Diamond Head locale OAHU
Dig discovery of 1922 KINGTUTSTOMB
Do one's part ACT
Does nothing IDLES
Dot on a globe ISLET
Duration TERM
Early afternoon time ONETEN
Elite group ALIST
English essayist CHARLESLAMB
Epic story SAGA
Espresso beverage LATTE
Facebook button LIKE
Fancy flapjacks CREPES
Favorite PET
First acrylic fiber ORLON
Fiver ABE
Fixes, as software DEBUGS
Fritter away WASTE
Furthermore PLUS
Gave it a go TRIED
Glimpses SEES
Golden rule word UNTO
Google alternative BING
GPS readings STS
Green Hornet sidekick KATO
Grp. requiring copays HMO
Help to do one's part POCKETCOMB
Hole-punching tool AWL
Hosp. area ICU
Info-gathering mission RECON
Inlet, vis-à-vis the sea ARM
Irrigate WATER
Jazz pianist Chick COREA
Knotted scarf ASCOT
Large quantity SLEW
Lasting marks SCARS
Leaf blowers WINDS
Leaf-gathering tools RAKES
Legendary lawman Ness ELIOT
Lend a hand HELP
Let out, as hogs UNPEN
Long (for) ACHE
Looked angrily (at) GLARED
Loved ones DEARS
Main points GISTS
Make progress GAIN
Mandel of TV HOWIE
Marsh bird EGRET
Medicinal amounts DOSES
Mess makers SLOBS
Midterms, e.g TESTS
Mild oath DARN
Miss Piggy accessory BOA
More suitable APTER
More unusual ODDER
Most harsh CRUELEST
No later than UPTO
Nostalgic yet fashionable RETRO
Numerals seen at the end of ''Ice Age'' MMII
Nutrition label measure GRAM
On the way ENROUTE
On __ (counting calories) ADIET
PalmPilots, e.g.: Abbr PDAS
Part of DMZ ZONE
Pear variety BOSC
Performs perfectly NAILS
Place for some bracelets ANKLE
Places for pigs STIES
Prefix meaning ''outer'' EXO
Pretentious POMPOUS
Pulsate THROB
Reddish orange HENNA
Reenactor in gray REB
Rescue squad VIPs EMTS
Room coolers: Abbr ACS
Runner of fable HARE
Sales pitch SPIEL
Salon bottles DYES
Saturated WET
Scintilla MODICUM
Self-images EGOS
Shape of some swimming pools KIDNEY
Sit for a spell REST
Smidgen of 45 Across DASH
Snooty one SNOB
Soapy residue SCUM
Sound of relief PHEW
Sound of the surf ROAR
Source of some stings WASP
Sport using disks SKEET
Star quality FAME
Stretchy, quite possibly UNISIZE
Strutted like a steed PRANCED
Swampy lowlands SWALES
Sylvan symbol of strength OAK
Tablet download APP
Tailor's measurement WAIST
Tests of knowledge EXAMS
Toastmaster EMCEE
Traffic tangles SNARLS
Uncredited: Abbr ANON
Unrefined rocks ORES
Vast kingdoms EMPIRES
White-collar wearer PRIEST
Without commitments FREE
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