How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 22 2019

''Don't remove'' instruction stet
''Good Morning America'' food correspondent emeril
''Lone Ranger'' coiner tonto
''Nothing more for us'' wereset
''Pennsylvanie,'' for one etat
''That's unexpected'' odd
10 mg, perhaps dose
Alchemist's cure-all elixir
All-things-considered net
Analyst's numbers data
Annual Pamplona runners toros
Baloney jive
Big Apple's ''bravest,'' for short fdny
Book before Nehemiah ezra
Category ilk
Ceramist's device oven
Columbia, e.g ivy
Common lab dweller whiterat
Consequently ergo
Dark drinks ales
Dent or scratch flaw
Early Antarctic aviator byrd
Eighth of a circle octant
End of quote ofrapidgrowth
Ending for walk or drive ins
Energy Star co-manager epa
Enthralled agog
Extended-run show holdover
Formal affirmation yea
Frat letter beta
Frat letter sigma
Grade-A snoozefest yawner
Grump moper
Hall's singing partner oates
Hard and brittle crisp
I, to Einstein iodine
Impressive assemblage galaxy
Individual effort solo
Insect eater toad
Intel accumulator spy
It means ''celestial'' astro
Japanese beer brand asahi
Judy's eldest liza
Low-lying cloud fog
Malamute or elkhound spitz
Metaphor for disorder zoo
Metric prefix iso
MGM cofounder loew
Name akin to Adolph ethel
Name literally ''man of steel'' stalin
Nervous-system node synapse
One finishing desserts icer
Part 2 of quote beginstotake
Part 3 of quote rootisaplant
Phrase applied to Venus nomoon
Piece of work job
Plato's hometown athens
Roll with the punches adapt
Silicon Valley product chip
Single-file inarow
Slender punchers awls
Spending cap lid
Sponge holes pores
Start of a George Washington [happy birthday!] quote libertywhenit
Systematic tidy
Teleplay opener acti
Toll road pike
Try to snatch grabat
Typesetting measure pica
Undiminished entire
Unrelenting stern
Updike's publisher knopf
Waist-high concavity innie
Ward (off) fend
Within view near
Woody fragment twig
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