How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 21 2007

''Exodus'' hero ARI
''Garfield'' dog ODIE
''Take __!'' (''Get lost!'') AHIKE
''__ kleine Nachtmusik'' EINE
1950, in copyrights MCML
Actor's reference SCRIPT
Additional OTHER
Ancient stringed instruments LYRES
Apple middle CORE
Australian minerals OPALS
Black-tongued dogs CHOWS
Bright idea BRAINSTORM
Bubbles up FOAMS
Bygone autocrats TSARS
Catch off guard STARTLE
Circus routines ACTS
Congressional contributor PAC
Contract proviso TERM
Cote dweller DOVE
Cowboy hat STETSON
Dah-dit man MORSE
Debussy's sea MER
Dinosaur locales MUSEUMS
Endorse, with ''with'' SIDE
Even if ALBEIT
Experts ACES
Feature of some oranges NAVEL
Foe of Luke and Han DARTH
Furrows RUTS
Gave off EMITTED
Geologic division ERA
Glance through SKIM
Go at it TUSSLE
High-school math TRIG
Hold, as attention RIVET
Humerus neighbor ULNA
Hunter's garb, for short CAMO
Interpret, as tea leaves READ
Itinerary word VIA
Jot down NOTATE
Ken or Lena OLIN
Lazing about IDLE
Less demanding CUSHIER
Lie in the weeds LURK
Like a fictitious name ASSUMED
Mallard cousin TEAL
Meadow browser EWE
Mrs. Gorbachev RAISA
Not in favor AVERSE
Outer edges FRINGES
Paving substances TARS
Picketing, perhaps ONSTRIKE
Plastic in a purse CHARGECARD
Plod along TRUDGE
Pop singer from Nigeria SADE
Purplish red MAGENTA
Rhapsodize RAVE
Riverbank growth REED
Sharp-smelling ACRID
Shout from the bridge AHOY
Skips town RUNS
Skirt length MINI
Tattoo sites ARMS
Teri of ''Mr. Mom'' GARR
Terra __ COTTA
Turn over CEDE
VCR insert TAPE
Web-footed mammals OTTERS
Whey companion CURDS
Word form for ''nerve'' NEURO
Wore the crown RULED
You, once THOU
__ uno NUMERO
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