How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 16 2014

&, %, @, etc SYMBOLS
''Cabaret'' director FOSSE
''Pale'' drink ALE
''Start the music!'' HITIT
''That's far from a sure thing'' MAYBENOT
''That's what you think!'' HAH
''That's wonderful!'' YAY
''The Gold Bug'' author POE
'73 spy film based on a Forsyth novel THEDAYOFTHEJACKAL
Abbr. on much choral music SATB
According to PER
Actress Sedgwick KYRA
Album cuts SONGS
Ambulance crew org EMS
American Leaguers since 2013 ASTROS
Arboreal rodent TREERAT
Arrived GOTIN
Austen novel EMMA
Author Rita __ Brown MAE
Baking soda, for short BICARB
Bar bills TABS
Be deserving of EARN
Big vase URN
Birthplace of Einstein ULM
Bridge do-over REDEAL
Bring up REAR
Brown who wrote ''The Da Vinci Code'' DAN
Canvas structure TENT
Catches by surprise STARTLES
Certain sauce source APPLE
Change, as a manuscript EMEND
Changes colors DYES
City north of Dallas PLANO
Comics pooch ODIE
Comics pooch OTTO
Coming up AHEAD
Compass reading SSE
Country south of Florida CUBA
Crater causer METEOR
Criticizes, so to speak RIPS
Depletes SAPS
Detained HELD
Dressed (in) CLAD
Egyptian port SUEZ
Ended a descent ALIT
Essence of knock-knock jokes PUNS
Family title, perhaps MRS
Farm females MARES
Feeling poorly ILL
Ft. Worth school TCU
Garden portion BED
German trio DREI
Get up ARISE
Got together MET
Hawaiian figurine TIKI
Help, as in a heist ABET
Hudson film of '68 ICESTATIONZEBRA
Hypnotic state TRANCE
Ink stain SMUDGE
Italian love AMORE
Jane Fonda film of '65 CATBALLOU
Kid's shoebox school project DIORAMA
Kidney-related RENAL
Kids' guessing game ISPY
Korean carmaker KIA
Light touch DAB
Like caramel GOOEY
Lincoln photographer BRADY
Make a knot in TIE
Material for a bugle BRASS
Meringue base EGG
Mid-March day IDES
Miser's motivation GREED
Mix together STIR
More antsy ITCHIER
Morning TV host RIPA
Most ostentatious ARTIEST
NASA's Jet Propulsion Lab partner CALTECH
NBA stats PTS
No longer a threat ATBAY
No more than MERE
Northeastern NFLer NYJET
Novelist Shaw IRWIN
Online correspondents EMAILERS
Orlando-area attraction EPCOT
Out __ limb ONA
Pacino film of '75 DOGDAYAFTERNOON
Panetta successor as Secretary of Defense HAGEL
Peripheral OUTER
Periphery EDGES
Poodle or parakeet PET
Portman film of 2010 BLACKSWAN
Promotional activity HYPING
Put words to VOICE
Quarantined ENISLED
Raw mineral ORE
Recipe amt TBSP
River to the Rio Grande PECOS
Road reversal, for short UEY
Rock vocalist Osbourne OZZY
Round Table title SIR
Row of bushes HEDGE
Salsa specification MILD
Seeing red MAD
Set down LAY
Severe winter weather BLIZZARD
Shakespeare contemporary MARLOWE
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Sleep phase, for short REM
Slight sign TRACE
Slippery swimmers EELS
Smiles broadly BEAMS
Snow glider SLED
Some DVD players GES
Some golf tourneys PROAMS
Sorority letters PIS
Sri Lanka crop TEA
Stats NOS
Suffix meaning ''doctrine'' ISM
Swell, in the '60s FAB
Takes for granted POSITS
Technical data SPECS
Test score GRADE
Touch of frost NIP
Unwavering STABLE
Up to now YET
Upper-class Brit ARISTO
Very clear, as a video HIDEF
Vibrations TREMORS
Virtual currency ECASH
Vote of opposition NAY
Waterpik rival ORALB
Wear away EAT
Whodunit plot element ALIBI
With regard to ASFOR
Woodworking tool RASP
Workout spot GYM
Writer Ferber EDNA
__ cotta TERRA
__ de leche (Spanish confection) DULCE
__ in (choose to participate) OPT
__ out a living EKE
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