How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Feb 05 2019

''How sad!'' alas
''You're wrong about me!'' idoso
After-dinner candy mint
Approx. takeoff hours etds
Army group unit
Beatles or Beach Boys rockandrollband
Bert's ''Sesame Street'' pal ernie
Blunder error
Boastful ones braggers
Bread with a pocket pita
Brother of Moses aaron
Bulls, in Barcelona toros
Capture/escape activity catandmousegame
Caviar, e.g roe
Chinese temple pagoda
Concerning, in memos inre
Criminal, to a cop perp
Dog's warning sound grrr
Double-curve letters esses
Durable trousers fabric chino
Egret cousin heron
Era age
Evening dresses gowns
Extra more
Eye part iris
French female friend amie
Get off your feet sit
Get out of bed arise
Get __ (ace the test) ana
Gift wrapper's roll tape
Give off emit
Group of cattle herd
Heroic saga epic
Holds the deed to owns
Jury member peer
Kitchen cover-up apron
Landscaper's tool edger
Leaning Tower city pisa
Lend a hand to aid
Line of bushes hedge
Line on a list item
Lukewarm tepid
Movie lot constructions sets
Nevada casino city reno
Old TV antenna aerial
Opposite of post- pre
Passover meal seder
Pencil tip eraser
Pester nag
Pie __ mode ala
Pitch a tent camp
Poet Nash ogden
Poet's ''before'' ere
Poetic tribute ode
Puts to work uses
Radio booth sign onair
Repetitive cry chant
Slightly ahead oneup
Snack nosh
Solemn ceremony rite
Songbird's sound trill
Soothing ingredient in lotions aloe
Specify name
Spoken, as an exam oral
Strand around a cob cornsilk
Sulk mope
Sure thing in a courtroom openandshutcase
Takes it easy rests
Therefore ergo
Twirled spun
Walked back and forth paced
Watermelon's exterior rind
Wear away over time erode
With zesty seasoning spiced
__ Domingo (Caribbean capital) santo
__ Janeiro, Brazil riode
__ Majesty (address for a queen) her
__-shaped (oval) egg
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