How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 23 2018

''Burr'' novelist vidal
''Consequently . . .'' ergo
''Is it worth the risk?'' darei
''It's our turn'' wereon
''Start playback'' cuethemusic
''Take a chill pill'' calmyourself
''__ my case'' irest
'80s Streisand film yentl
A to E, to musicians fifth
A Van Gogh home arles
According to per
Actress Dern laura
Addition to spice up a dish dashofpepper
Administers an oath to swearsin
African fly tsetse
Aggressive football strategy blitzdefense
App extras addons
Ballet practice facility dancestudio
Band's signal to start hitit
Barbecue residue ash
Bed on wheels cot
Biscotti flavoring anise
Bowling button reset
Bubble up boil
Cameo stone onyx
Camera function zoom
Certain dietary restriction nocarb
Certain undercover cop narc
Chocolate/graham-cracker cookie mallomar
Collapsible silk headgear operahat
Colorado resort aspen
Comprises has
Corn's coat husk
Costumes getups
Disney duck donald
Disturb a speaker heckle
Early computer eniac
Eroded eaten
Erstwhile digital encyclopedia encarta
Excellent, in the '90s phat
Exercising count reps
Expressive music genre emo
Fabric fringe hem
Fin descriptor dorsal
Flatbread of India nan
Freight measure ton
French physicist ampere
From Austria's capital viennese
Getz of jazz stan
Giving back sass lippy
GPS reading ese
Grain layer bran
Greenish blue cyan
Gripping gadget vise
Had done laps in water swum
Help-a-tenant gathering rentparty
Hobby shop wood balsa
How many LPs were rereleased oncd
Insignificant mere
Intensified, with ''up'' flared
It means ''resident'' ite
It's left on the highway fastlane
It's often seen on airport TVs cnn
Jellied garnish aspic
Judge as qualified accredit
Lamb's ma'am ewe
Landscaper's installation tree
Less strenuous easier
Literary adverb oft
Long-eared equine ass
Mark on many exams erasure
Meeting schedule agenda
Military nucleus cadre
Mr. Tolstoy leo
Much-repeated ''Deck the Halls'' syllables las
New York college iona
No longer vacant filled
Noble title earl
Not level tilted
Occur after ensue
Of ''Survivor'' groups tribal
Onetime Navajo foe ute
Operatic passage arioso
Opposite of 'neath oer
Organic compound ending ene
Oscar role for Brando and De Niro doncorleone
Outperforms tops
Pastor's nickname rev
PD investigator det
Peace, in a Latin Mass pax
Piece of some pies pecan
Pop singer Del Rey lana
Pore through read
Pre-refrigeration deliverer iceman
Prefix for port heli
Primary main
Reduced version mini
Regards as deems
Retired miler Sebastian coe
Roof rack gear skis
Salsa specification mild
Shape of orecchiette pasta ear
Single statistic datum
Siphons off taps
Smear on daub
Smelter byproduct slag
Sounds like Daffy Duck lisps
South American plain llano
Spanish miss senorita
Spiced tea from India chai
Squirm about writhe
Start of a choosing rhyme eeny
Start of the 12th century mci
Step between floors stair
Stop doing cease
Strut with spirit pranceabout
Swinelike mammal tapir
Take turns rotate
Tennis great Lendl ivan
Timber-shaping tools adzes
Touched down alit
Tries one's best digsdeep
Trite hackneyed
Tylenol alternative advil
Typical high-schooler teen
Univ. aides tas
Up from sleep risen
US vaccine regulator fda
Valueless null
Veep before Al dan
Venerable Hollywood and Vine theatre pantages
Venerable ointment brand vicksvaporub
Via wagering onabet
Villainous ''Star Wars'' name vader
Walks over treadson
Water beside Toledo erie
Water garnish lemon
What some YouTube videos ''go'' viral
Where sea meets sky horizon
Winter headwear knitcap
Wonderstruck inawe
__ excellence (superior) par
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