How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Dec 21 2018

''. . . __ grace on thee'' his
''Pinafore'' assent aye
''They accepted me!'' imin
''Wizard of Oz'' farmhand zeke
3 Down gift shop souvenir llama
3-D puzzle rubikscube
37 Down reading ene
Accelerate hasten
Advisor, for instance aide
Air freshener brand renuzit
Andean valley capital lapaz
Artist with a museum in Spain dali
Assist in difficulty, with ''over'' tide
Bird that gallops emu
Candy configuration cane
Car rental extra gps
Cedar cousin fir
City on the Missouri omaha
Close to about
County north of San Francisco marin
Directive to a messenger rush
Discover alternative amex
Doc bloc ama
Dutch island aruba
Dwindle wane
Elastic fabric lycra
Family guy papa
Family guys dads
Foldable two-wheeler razorscooter
Frequent flier kite
Frosty iced
Garish loud
Garment that sounds rueful sari
Get caught, as fabric snag
Go along with obey
Google milestone of 2004 ipo
Great vitality dash
Ground cover of a sort dew
Handheld digital pet tamagotchi
Handling the task onit
Hayride refreshment cider
Highly frowned upon taboo
I, to Einstein ich
Interior styling decor
It means ''height'' acro
It shows ''Shark Tank'' abc
Kick back relax
Kid-lit author Carle eric
Large trailer puller semi
Long dress maxi
Mask-wearing sport epee
Motley mixed
Moved on blades skated
Oil paint holder tube
Outdo best
Overate, with ''out'' pigged
Part of QED erat
People mover tram
People on patrol cops
Red doll ticklemeelmo
Rejuvenation destinations dayspas
Round-faced doll cabbagepatchkid
Salad variety tuna
Scale related to C aminor
Server's warning itshot
Slow-cooker meal stew
Something in the air aroma
Spinach pie ingredient feta
Sunni leader imam
Surrounded by amid
Suspends halts
Tiny bit atom
Two-person plaything seesaw
Uncommon eye color gray
Vitality, so to speak bang
Voice from some phones siri
White daisy oxeye
Zinc __ ointment oxide
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