How many letters in the Answer?

Newsday.com Apr 04 2018

''Deck the Halls'' plant holly
''Science Guy'' of TV nye
''Who __ you kidding?'' are
Absconded with took
Absconds with steals
Antonyms opposites
Any real thing entity
Apple's digital assistant siri
Attaches with adhesive glues
Bad smell stench
Bear's residence den
Border on abut
Brewed, as tea steeped
Bring to court for a plea arraign
Calls upon asks
Cash and equivalents liquidassets
Chimp or gorilla ape
Complimentary poem ode
Computer whiz geek
Congressional contingent, in headlines dems
Cream-filled pastry eclair
Display for some large TVs plasmascreen
Ducklike bird coot
Exhausted allin
Federal purchasing org gsa
First-aid boxes kits
Fishing boat gear nets
Fishing rod pole
For example suchas
Frequently, in poetry oft
Hair-care concoction mousse
Happen again recur
Home for hatchlings nest
Hwy rte
Japanese martial art judo
Lauder of cosmetics estee
Little laugh giggle
Marsh bird ibis
Mo. city stl
Napoleon exile isle elba
Neighbor of Jordan iraq
Nun with a Nobel Prize teresa
Offshore drilling equipment oilrig
Oklahoma city tulsa
One admired idol
One-toned solidcolor
Palm tree fruit date
Parcel of land tract
Person assembling a roster lister
Place to fill the tank gasstation
Poetic preposition ere
Police car's signal siren
Polo participant horse
Portion of butter pat
Potpie morsel pea
Precious stone gem
Preowned used
Protrudes juts
Puts icing on frosts
Quite strange odd
Right-angle shapes ells
Run into meet
Sgts. and cpls ncos
Significant event milestone
Small pieces bits
Smartphone app logo icon
Soldiers' entertainment grp uso
Sound asleep out
Spots with springs and saunas spas
Title to call a king sire
Transaction deal
Tuscaloosa team, to fans bama
Undiminished entire
Urban recreation ctr ymca
Walk heavily tromp
Walk slowly amble
World Series lead-in: Abbr nlcs
__ Glory (US flag) old
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