How many letters in the Answer?

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'-- dabba doo!' YABBA
'General Hospital' Emmy winner Sofer RENA
'Go team!' RAH
'Need -- on?' IGO
-- & Noble BARNES
-- -jongg (tile game) MAH
-- -Seltzer ALKA
-- degree NTH
-- Marie Presley LISA
-- spumante ASTI
About ASTO
Afro- -- (language family) ASIATIC
Alpaca's kin LLAMA
Aquarium pest SNAIL
Atlanta-to-Macon dir. SSE
Aves. RDS
Ball-bouncing hoops player DRIBBLERS
Banana oil and acetate ESTERS
Barbaric SAVAGE
Begin gazing at someone intently and harshly? STARTSTARKSTARE
Bicycle built for two TANDEM
Bill Clinton's veep ALGORE
Blotter abbr. AKA
Boat-rowing needs OARS
Botch it up ERR
Brand of fake fat OLESTRA
Break and divvy up a jagged pottery fragment? SHARESHARPSHARD
Cable channel now called Spike TNN
ChapStick and the like LIPBALMS
Chomped BIT
Church official ELDER
Coats with Crisco, e.g. GREASES
Cold medicine brand CONTAC
Colorful fish TETRA
Complete ENTIRE
Creole stew veggie OKRA
Deep clefts CHASMS
Deep-red gem GARNET
Deputy AIDE
Distribute new hands REDEAL
Do, re, or mi NOTE
Eaten, with 'of' PARTAKEN
Elementary particle MESON
Enroll in ENTER
Epic film director Cecil B. -- DEMILLE
Excessive desire for Athenian moola? GREEKGREENGREED
Film format DVD
First part of a play ACTI
Five: Prefix PENTA
Folk singer Griffith NANCI
Forked out SPENT
Frightening marks left from winter neckwear? SCARYSCARFSCARS
Goes kaput FAILS
Gun gp. NRA
Havana aunt TIA
Heist foilers ALARMS
Hold firmly GRASP
Hurdled LEAPT
I, in German ICH
Inflated heads EGOS
Israel's first king SAUL
Italy's Cesare or Lucrezia BORGIA
Jamboree org. BSA
Jay-Z's music genre RAP
JFK info ETA
Katey of 'Married ... With Children' SAGAL
Kitchen pest ANT
Leftover bit SCRAP
Length units YARDS
Less lax TAUTER
Life forms ORGANISMS
Little fellow TYKE
Logging tool AXE
Make lighter EASE
Makes a choice OPTS
Makes blueprints for a jet-producing factory? PLANSPLANEPLANT
Mass of fish eggs ROE
Meyers of movies ARI
Mid 11th-century year MLIII
Minuscule TEENSY
Mirror reflections IMAGES
More scratchy, as a voice RASPIER
Muslim chief EMIR
Name in jets LEAR
Naysayer DENIER
Notable timespan ERA
Novelist -- Stanley Gardner ERLE
Of mail service POSTAL
Ones skilled in divination SEERS
Opposed to unions ANTILABOR
Part of 65-Across EAST
Perfume by burning CENSE
Person giving clues HINTER
Pig Latin refusal IXNAY
Pink pencil part ERASER
Plays the part of ACTSAS
Postpone DELAY
Protestant denom. EPISC
Rabbit-sized rodent AGOUTI
Resided LIVED
Rib section of lamb RACK
Say again REPEAT
Sch. org. PTA
Send a kid from Santiago to Alaska? CHILLCHILECHILD
Sermonize PREACH
Set of seven HEPTAD
Siam, today THAILAND
Singer Vikki CARR
Spanish king REY
State firmly AVER
Stern and Asimov ISAACS
Stimpy's bud REN
Suffix with lobby IST
Summer beverage, colloquially ICETEA
Sun -- -sen YAT
Sunlight bit RAY
Tatters RAGS
Tax-filing pro CPA
The emperor Augustus, originally OCTAVIAN
Tic- -- -toe TAC
Tiddlywinks pieces, e.g. DISCS
Torino site ITALIA
Truism AXIOM
Uncool sort NERD
Uncovered BARE
Utter a fib LIE
Vegas signs NEONS
Very little bit IOTA
Volcanic peak in California SHASTA
War deity ARES
Ways to go ROUTES
Western treaty gp. OAS
What you take things to when you tackle a harder challenge NEXTLEVEL
Wipe off a see-through shoe stud? CLEANCLEARCLEAT
Wrap-up END
Yellow color AMBER
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