How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate May 21 2017

'-- culpa!' MEA
'Bess, -- My Woman Now' YOUIS
'Boo- --!' YAH
'Dixie' songwriter Daniel Decatur -- EMMETT
'En --!' (fencing cry) GARDE
'Further ...' ALSO
'How funny' HAHA
'I'm buying' ONME
'I'm off!' TATA
'Live With Kelly' host RIPA
'You missed your chance' ITSTOOLATE
-- cavae (blood vessels) VENAE
-- Croix, Que STE
-- Vegas LAS
12/31 is one EVE
1958 Jackie Wilson hit LONELYTEARDROPS
Alternative rock genre EMO
Amaze AWE
Apple computer MAC
Austin-to-Waco dir NNE
Baseball player Lefty ODOUL
Baseball's Durocher LEO
Be a debtor OWE
Betting slip IOU
Big cat noise ROAR
Bit of hate mail ANGRYLETTER
Broadway's 'No, No, --' NANETTE
Burglar scarer ALARM
Caddy quaff TEA
Capitol VIP SEN
Cathedral toppers STEEPLES
Child Oscar winner O'Neal TATUM
Chinese currency unit YUAN
Coalesces UNITES
Comebacks RETORTS
Comic actress Amy POEHLER
Congeal CURDLE
Conspire PLOT
Currier and -- IVES
Dern of film LAURA
Direct object, e.g NOUN
Directory no TEL
Diva Sumac YMA
Doffed, say TIPPED
Ellipse OVAL
Ellipse part ARC
Ending for bass or ball OON
Ending with form ULA
ER staffers RNS
Fabled fliers ROCS
Faced MET
Family gal SIS
Fido's pest FLEA
Fortunate bit of luck HAPPYCOINCIDENCE
Gardner of 'Show Boat' AVA
Gen. in the Confederacy RELEE
Get rougher COARSEN
Giant in myth TITAN
Gibson of 1950s tennis ALTHEA
Give a grand speech ORATE
Gold, in Argentina ORO
Gridiron coach Amos Alonzo -- STAGG
Harold of songwriting ARLEN
Hawkeye Pierce player ALANALDA
Heel CAD
High-tech info holder CDROM
Honorable custom PROUDTRADITION
iDevice extras APPS
Illustration of how bad things are SADCOMMENTARY
Immune response orchestrator TCELL
Incurably sentimental sort HOPELESSROMANTIC
Indulgence you know isn't great for you GUILTYPLEASURE
Intake plan DIET
Italian river ARNO
Joking Jay LENO
Kagan or Verdugo ELENA
Kenyan, e.g AFRICAN
Kitchen amt TSP
Knife of TV ad fame GINSU
Le Pew of cartoondom PEPE
Leeway SPACE
Like many shower walls TILED
List of typos ERRATA
Litigant SUER
Little -- (squirts) UNS
Los Angeles' San -- Bay PEDRO
Lubricating engine parts OILPUMPS
Male flower organ STAMEN
Meted (out) DOLED
Mild cigar CLARO
More awful DIRER
Mouth off to SASS
Much like ALA
Not all the way closed AJAR
Of C.S. Lewis' magical land NARNIAN
Opera part, in France ACTE
Opposed (to) AVERSE
Org.'s cousin ASSN
Pacific island country PALAU
Paragon IDEAL
Pong's company ATARI
Pot payment ANTE
Prominent NOTED
Really tickle ELATE
Refuse to assent SAYNO
Research room in one's house HOMELAB
Right-angled addition ELL
Road atlas features STREETMAPS
Round a certain corner in Monopoly PASSGO
Safe sword EPEE
See 101-Down USER
Shirley of 'Goldfinger' EATON
Singer Guthrie ARLO
Singer who won five 2016 Grammys ADELE
Soak (up) SOP
Some MDs GPS
Sometimes-blighted tree ELM
Song syllable TRA
Stage show PLAY
Synapses are part of it NERVOUSSYSTEM
Syringe stuff SERUM
Tarzan player Ron ELY
Traverse CROSS
Trouser fold PLEAT
Turn to gel SET
Turns rancid ROTS
TV actress Charlotte RAE
Unfooled by ONTO
Verdi work AIDA
Verdi work OTELLO
Verse creators POETS
View again RESEE
Voting faction BLOC
Vowels in Greece ETAS
Vowels in Greece IOTAS
Watson-Crick subj DNA
West Indian music style CALYPSO
Willingness to listen OPENEARS
Wine bucket ICER
With 69-Across, ultimate consumer END
Yearn to have COVET
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