How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jun 19 2005

'Back in Black' band ACDC
'Beat it!' SCAT
'Cave -- ('Beware of dog')' CANEM
'Cosmos' author SAGAN
'For' vote YEA
'Shoot!' DANG
'So that's it' ISEE
'The Story of -- H.' (1975 film) ADELE
'This I -- see!' GOTTA
'Va-va- --!' VOOM
-- -Magnon man CRO
-- Alan Arthur CHESTER
-- flowing with milk and honey ALAND
23-Across's wife CLAIR
500 sheets REAM
901, to Nero CMI
A few z's NAP
Actor Alain DELON
Agitated state SNIT
Army address SIR
Army outfits UNITS
Aspect SIDE
Atop, to bards OER
Aussie girl SHEILA
Author Zola EMILE
Bakery treat ECLAIR
Barfly SOT
Beats the pants off TROMPS
Big hits SMASHES
Biker's bike HARLEY
Bit of resistance OHM
Carouse REVEL
Child star's parent perhaps, STAGEMOM
Church seat PEW
Chutzpah MOXIE
Cloud layers STRATA
Coolio and Ice-T, e.g. RAPPERS
Crib parts SLATS
Cringe COWER
Cuban port HAVANA
Cut short SNIP
Dad of Becky, Darlene, and D.J. DANCONNER
Dad of Betty, Bud, and Kathy JIMANDERSON
Dad of Brad, Randy, and Mark TIMTAYLOR
Dad of David, Mary, Joannie, Susan, Nancy, Elizabeth, Tommy, and Nicholas TOMBRADFORD
Dad of Sondra, Denise, Theo, Vanessa, and Rudy CLIFFHUXTABLE
Dad of Terry and Rusty DANNYWILLIAMS
Dad of Wally and Theodore WARDCLEAVER
Duck down EIDER
Easy run TROT
Egg: Prefix OVO
Elite roster ALIST
Esteem HONOR
Exercise USE
Fabled also-ran HARE
Fashion STYLE
Feet with fur PAWS
Floor it TEAR
Florida city MIAMI
Foot part ARCH
Formal fiats DICTA
Former JFK jet SST
G.P., e.g. DOC
Gallic gal pal AMIE
German river EDER
Gillis with 'many loves' DOBIE
Goblin start? HOB
Gotten up RISEN
Greek letters PSIS
Green gems JADES
Hades HELL
Ham-and- -- (bum) EGGER
Happy as -- ACLAM
Historical furrier ASTOR
Huron's neighbor ERIE
Hurry it up HUSTLE
Ice cream holder CONE
Iranian coin RIAL
Islamic VIP EMIR
J.Crew rival LLBEAN
Jack of lean cuisine SPRAT
Jacuzzi sigh AAH
Jai -- ALAI
Land of voodoo HAITI
Like a southpaw LEFTHANDED
Lofty groups? CHOIRS
Long oars SCULLS
Longing YEN
Map dir. ENE
Minimal money ONEPENNY
Mirror fogger STEAM
Moo -- beef SHU
Munchkin ELF
Navel type INNIE
Neighbor of Latvia ESTONIA
Net address URL
Occurrence EVENT
Pec builders PUSHUPS
Pours off, as wine DECANTS
Pre-Q queue LMNOP
Prevaricate LIE
Pub seat STOOL
Restless ANTSY
Reverberate ECHO
River to the North Sea YSER
Sam of 'The Piano' NEILL
Sand bar SHOAL
Satanic EVIL
Scoff JEER
Senator Feingold RUSS
Settled ALIT
Ship abbr. HMS
Shortening LARD
Spiteful NASTY
Spotted pony PINTO
Spruce NATTY
Starbucks' offering TEA
Straw hat PANAMA
Structured framework SCHEMA
Sub shop DELI
Sword handle HILT
Take -- down memory lane ATRIP
Take weapons from UNARM
Taking off the bottle WEANING
Teresa of -- AVILA
They're fit for kings PALACES
Three trios NONET
Time of military triumph VDAY
Tiny bites NIPS
Unearthly EERIE
Uppity types SNOBS
Vernacular PARLANCE
Virtual vender ETAILER
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