How many letters in the Answer?

Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Jul 03 2005

'-- Fall in Love' WHENI
'Blue Ribbon' beer PABST
'Give -- break!' MEA
'Gotcha!' AHA
'Guilty,' e.g. PLEA
'Poor me!' ALAS
'The Ref' star Leary DENIS
-- Mahal TAJ
-- May Clampett ELLY
-- Plaines DES
-- wave TIDAL
10% taker AGENT
2-Down rope LARIAT
A Brady girl had to get window glass? CINDYNEEDEDPANE
Abets perjuriously LIESFOR
Actor Omar EPPS
Actor Reginald chose not to attend a university in New York? DENNYDENIEDPACE
Actress Bearse AMANDA
Ames locale IOWA
Ancient Peruvian INCAN
Angling need ROD
Apex TOP
Arrested RANIN
Be unwell AIL
Beach bird TERN
Beatified Mlle. STE
Bill in a tip jar ONE
Bit of force DYNE
Blast creator TNT
Caught morays EELED
Church doctrine DOGMA
Church song HYMN
Coke or Pepsi SODAPOP
Composer of nine symphonies MAHLER
Copes with HANDLES
Crooked WRY
Detect SENSE
Donned again REWORE
Dragged TOWED
Drug cop NARC
Drunkenness INEBRIETY
Dustcloth RAG
Ear part DRUM
Early autos REOS
Element #10 NEON
Estonia, once: Abbr. SSR
Father, to a baby DADA
FDR's party DEM
Feasted ATE
French girlfriend AMIE
Furnish with funds ENDOW
G.P.s' gp. AMA
Gaius' god DEO
Get from -- B ATO
Get in return REAP
Glimpsed SEEN
Got 100% on ACED
Gymnast Comaneci NADIA
Had too much briefly, ODED
Have life ARE
Headline when a New Age singer chose to marry actor Sean? ENYADECIDEDPENN
Hellenic H ETA
Icelandic saga EDDA
Illiterate person NONREADER
In the distance YON
Incense resin MYRRH
It smells NOSE
J followers KLM
Kennel sound YIP
Kills time LOAFS
Knit with a reverse stitch PURL
Less fatty LEANER
Loom need YARN
Lyons head TETE
Madonna-and-child sculpture PIETA
Manage to avoid DODGE
Mating game CHESS
Mature AGE
Ms. Zadora PIA
Noisy owl's activity HOOTING
Novelist Rand AYN
Novelist Zola EMILE
Optimal nutrient amt. RDA
Originally named NEE
Orlando's -- Center EPCOT
Other, in Oviedo OTRA
Perform anew REENACT
Pie piece SLICE
Plaintive poems ELEGIES
Playwright Simon NEIL
Poet Lazarus EMMA
Poultry pen HENCOOP
Powdered protein source DRYMILK
Prefix with lateral UNI
Private, as thoughts INNER
Pulled out a gun DREW
Purse part STRAP
Renounces DISOWNS
Right-hand man AIDE
River of Spain EBRO
River to the Ubangi UELE
Rooflike shelter AWNING
Rope-bound TIEDUP
Rub holy oil on ANOINT
Sainted Carmelite nun THERESA
Salt Lake City player UTE
Santa -- winds ANA
Scarlett of Tara OHARA
Senator Feinstein colored British coins? DIANNEDYEDPENCE
Ship pilot STEERSMAN
Shootouts DUELS
Singer Arnold gave a relative a bad review? EDDYPANNEDNIECE
Singer Cline PATSY
Singer Taylor -- DAYNE
Small plateau MESA
So-so grades CEES
Soaking WET
Songwriter Gus KAHN
Spiced tea CHAI
SSNs, e.g. IDS
Sticky stuff PASTE
Stuff in soap LYE
Styled after ALA
Suffix with sect ARIAN
Sweets at the center of a biblical garden? CANDYDEEPINEDEN
Symbol of the U.S.A. BALDEAGLE
Thaw out some terrific frozen pasta? DEICEDANDYPENNE
Tractor name DEERE
Turndowns NOS
Unemployed IDLE
Unidentified woman JANEDOE
URL ending EDU
Vatican VIP POPE
Venetian boat GONDOLA
Violin holder CASE
Viscount's superior EARL
Waters off Hodeida REDSEA
William Butler -- YEATS
Wine barrel CASK
Wrangler's event RODEO
Writing tool eventually rotted? PENENDEDINDECAY
Yang's counterpart YIN
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