How many letters in the Answer?

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'-- goin' down!' YER
'-- loves me ...' SHE
'-- Next Chapter (Winfrey series)' OPRAHS
'-- Time We Say Goodbye' EVRY
'-- yellow ribbon round ...' TIEA
'60s conflict site NAM
'Black Velvet' singer Alannah MYLES
'Bringing Up Baby studio' RKO
'Growing Pains' actor Alan THICKE
'Just you wait, -- 'iggins ...' ENRY
'Later!' SEEYOU
'Lookie there, muscle-building stuff!'? HEYPROTEIN
'My gripe is as follows ...' HERESTHEBEEF
'NewsRadio' co-star Phil HARTMAN
'Relapse' rapper EMINEM
'Star Wars' royal LEIA
'Teh' for 'the for one,' TYPO
'Will -- learn?!' IEVER
'Yes, --!' SIRREE
-- -cone (frozen treat) SNO
-- and terminer OYER
-- Cong VIET
-- Moines DES
1980s NBC sitcom ALF
24-hr. money sources ATMS
45 half BSIDE
Actress Matlin MARLEE
Adversaries ENEMIES
Agrees (to) ASSENTS
Air marshal's org TSA
Alternative to lettuce ENDIVE
Analyzed ASSAYED
Angers a lot ENRAGES
Arduous trip TREK
Astra automaker OPEL
Bait biter FISH
Be soaked SOP
Beer brand MICHELOB
Biblical ark builder NOAH
Boxcar rider HOBO
Branching-out points NODES
Bright red CERISE
Bullfighting cheer OLE
Burn balm ALOE
California's Point -- REYES
Cavity filler's deg DDS
Chastised REBUKED
Chick chaser? ADEE
Cochlea site EAR
Communal SOCIAL
Complain MOAN
Copies Dr. Dre RAPS
Coup, e.g TAKEOVER
Crab claws PINCERS
Cyberspace address URL
Dash lengths EMS
Dem.'s opponent REP
Dictator DESPOT
Dinar earner SERB
Disease-free sea predators? HALESHARKS
Dumbbell DODO
Easy-to-catch hit POPFLY
Eat in style DINE
Enlighten, in poems ILLUME
Ferber or Krabappel EDNA
Frogs and kangaroos LEAPERS
Gaudy scarves BOAS
Gillette shaver brand ATRA
Go over again, as old issues REHASH
Green shampoo PRELL
Hang a new worm on REBAIT
Hovels HUTS
International compact ENTENTE
Italian city CREMONA
Japan natives, e.g ASIANS
Jazzy singing SCAT
Journalist Nellie BLY
Juan's silver PLATA
Kevin of 'Saturday Night Live' NEALON
Kildare locale IRELAND
Laid fresh concrete on REPAVED
Lay new turf on RESOD
Least lenient STRICTEST
Like gushing actors EMOTIVE
Lop the crop REAP
Lose power DIE
Majestic STATELY
Makes the assertion SAYSSO
Malia's sister SASHA
Microwave saltines? HEATCRACKERS
More with-it red fish? HIPPERSNAPPER
Mrs. Oskar Schindler EMILIE
Near-failing mark DEE
Nipper's co RCA
Not unusual REGULAR
Not well-lit DIM
Oakland footballer RAIDER
Old Spice alternative BRUT
Oliver Twist, e.g ORPHAN
Once named NEE
Orchestra leader MAESTRO
Orchestra section BRASS
Org. for Rafael Nadal ATP
Part of CRT TUBE
Patriarch of Judaism ABRAHAM
Peak climber, e.g SCALER
Periods ERAS
Pianist's seat BENCH
Pour gently, as wine DECANT
Prefix with warrior ECO
Procedure: Abbr SYS
Put away, as a sword SHEATHE
Radius site ARM
Rat catcher TRAP
Reagan speechwriter Peggy NOONAN
Royal home PALACE
Runs fast SPRINTS
Sang loudly BELTEDOUT
Shopping aid LIST
Silverstone or Keys ALICIA
Skeptical egg layer? HENINDOUBT
Smack KISS
Smiles villainously SNEERS
Steel, for one ALLOY
Suffix of sugars OSE
Suffix with Japan ESE
SUV cousins VANS
Tall ale mug TANKARD
Terrestrial chapeau? HATONEARTH
Things found at discount shoe stores? HEELSANDDEALS
Tower for fodder SILO
U.S. humane org ASPCA
Uncanny ODD
Unit of resistance OHM
Word with app or bee KILLER
Zool. or ecol SCI
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