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Premier Sunday - King Feature Syndicate Aug 13 2017

'-- From Muskogee' (country hit) OKIE
'... -- in my cap ...' ANDI
'Brady Bunch' sister JAN
'Damien: --' (1978 sequel) OMENII
'Farewell!' TATA
'Hip, hip, hooray!' THREECHEERS
'One of Ours' writer Cather WILLA
'Power' rapper ICET
'There wasn't a dry -- the house' EYEIN
'Yeah, right!' IBET
'Yeah, right!' ASIF
12-year-old, say TWEEN
1949 Tony winner Fabray NANETTE
1953 Bing Crosby film LITTLEBOYLOST
1975 Joni Mitchell hit BIGYELLOWTAXI
Actor Alan of 'The Aviator' ALDA
Actor Sam of 'Backtrack' NEILL
Actress Liu LUCY
Aspartate, for one ESTER
Aunt's spouse, in Soissons ONCLE
Author Nin ANAIS
Barn bash HOEDOWN
Billfold items, briefly IDS
Blue Jays, on sports tickers TOR
Bring to light ELICIT
Carrot, tater or cuke VEGGIE
Cartoonist Gary LARSON
Cattle pen CORRAL
City near Grenoble LYON
Common disinfectant LYSOL
Conan O'-- BRIEN
Cookies since 1912 OREOS
Country that one's forebears are from ANCESTRALHOMELAND
Derisive smiles SNEERS
Dernier -- (newest fashion) CRI
Down a meal EAT
Earned pay INCOME
Enjoys anew, as a book REREADS
Feed voraciously ENGORGE
Film director -- Kurosawa AKIRA
Find a sum ADD
Gal pal, in Grenoble AMIE
German auto OPEL
German auto BMW
Gift stick-on TAG
Give relief of EASE
Glazier's unit PANE
Goes totally kaput DIES
Golfer Ballesteros SEVE
Good traits ASSETS
Graduation document DIPLOMA
Grammy-winning Brian ENO
Guinea pig CAVY
Hang on (to) ADHERE
Having artificial body parts BIONIC
Hurried SPED
Ida of old Hollywood LUPINO
In single file ONEBYONE
Inception ORIGIN
Inflate BLOWUP
Ink spot BLOT
It made the Cutlass OLDS
Itinerary specification DATE
Its capital is Kingston JAMAICA
Joey, e.g., informally ROO
Juicing gizmo REAMER
Kauai wreath LEI
Knavish one ROGUE
Large brawl RIOT
Like 'Carrie' in 2013 REMADE
Loosen, as a skate UNLACE
Lower leg bone TIBIA
Lucky number SEVEN
Lustful deity SATYR
Make hazy BEDIM
Mandolin kin LUTE
Margarine square PAT
Market researcher ANALYST
Mauna -- (Hawaiian peak) LOA
Mermaid setting SEA
Metropolis in Japan OSAKA
Mom's mate DAD
New York ball team METS
Norman Vincent -- PEALE
Not in any key ATONAL
Old numbing liquid ETHER
Pawns, e.g MEN
Peak periods UPS
PIN taker ATM
Piqued state SNIT
Place to play snooker POOLHALL
Pouchlike parts SACS
Princely school ETON
Prize won by the ends of 26-, 40-, 52-, 70-, 90- and 98-Across PRIMETIMEEMMYAWARD
Pundit Lou DOBBS
Queries ASKS
Quite polite URBANE
Ratify ENACT
Refrigerator part for 24-Acrosses CRISPER
Rialto glower NEON
River in Germany EDER
Roué's look LEER
Rubber duck locales TUBS
Santa -- (some winds) ANAS
Sergeant Bilko and others ERNIES
Slaughter in the outfield ENOS
Sonic the Hedgehog's creator SEGA
Sore, as muscles ACHY
Sortie, e.g RAID
Structure near a tonsil ADENOID
Style for the Bee Gees DISCO
Sucks up ABSORBS
Take a vow SWEAR
Thread puller NEEDLE
Tijuana Mr SENOR
Title dance in a 1962 novelty song MONSTERMASH
Toadlike, in a way WARTY
Toddler RUGRAT
Tons of, informally LOTSA
Toothpaste box abbr ADA
Totally fill SATIATE
Unwell ILL
USN jr. officer ENS
Verdi opera set in Cyprus OTELLO
Voting item BALLOT
Warm up THAW
Where shahs ruled IRAN
Wine valley in California NAPA
Witch HAG
Witch's spell HEX
Yamaha or Casio product DIGITALPIANO
Young pigs SHOATS
Zora -- Hurston NEALE
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