How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Jun 14 2019

'... sting like —' abee
'Funny!' haha
'Got it' isee
'Star Wars' royal leia
AAA job tow
Ancient Mexican aztec
Answer an invite rsvp
Archipelago unit (Abbr.) isl
Armored vehicles tanks
Attack assail
Aussie hopper roo
Aviation prefix aero
Big gulp swig
Bigfoot's cousin yeti
Boxing legend ali
Brandish wield
Brink rim
Browbeat hector
Capitol Hill VIP sen
Coagulate clot
Comedy club razzers hecklers
Curly-leaf cabbages kales
Divides splits
Frenzied hectic
Galileo's birthplace pisa
Gallery display art
Galvanizing matter zinc
Hearty quaffs ales
High-flying battle airwar
Hollywood's Thurman uma
Hooded snake cobra
Hybrid fuel gasohol
Indent key tab
Large land measures hectares
Lean to one side tilt
Legal document writ
Make lace tat
Media mogul Turner ted
Medit. nation isr
Miles away afar
Morning moisture dew
New Mexico resort taos
Nile queen, familiarly cleo
Old Ford model ltd
Out of control amok
Passing craze fad
Plate dish
Poem of praise ode
Rotate turn
Rum cocktail maitai
Sacred bird of Egypt ibis
Sacred song motet
Shoe width eee
Sportscaster Cross irv
Stetson, e.g hat
Streetcar tram
Stupefies dazes
Supporting for
Surpass top
Sushi fish eel
Tall tree fir
Terrestrial earthly
Tubular pasta ziti
Twitches tics
Unspoken tacit
— loss ata
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