How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Dec 25 2018

'East of Eden' son aron
'Evita' narrator che
Adversary enemy
Allege claim
Annoys irks
Antlered grazer elk
Apothecary measure dram
Author Tan amy
Away from WSW ene
Aye canceler nay
Bar bills tabs
Big wind gale
Blue birds jays
Bottle stopper cork
Bygone days past
Cameo shape oval
Cavort romp
Coffee vessel urn
Comic DeLuise dom
Continental coin euro
Cooking fuel gas
Crater part rim
Designer Claiborne liz
Devious sly
Director Craven wes
Eastern 'way' tao
Env. contents enc
Eye drops tears
Festive gay
Girl's shoe style maryjane
Green Gables girl anne
Help aid
Highland hat tam
Hill dweller ant
Jet-setter's way of life fastlane
Jules Verne captain nemo
Logan of '60 Minutes' lara
Menlo Park monogram tae
Minty Christmas treat candycane
Muffin choice bran
Mystique aura
Mythical beast unicorn
Naked bare
Needle hole eye
Nepal's continent asia
Non-clerical lay
Not a lot few
Not all some
Novelist Hunter evan
Parched dry
Paris pal ami
Pen fluids inks
Pizzazz zest
Poker holding hand
Rushmore figure teddy
Sandwich cookie oreo
Sass lip
Shoelace snarl knot
Society newbies debs
Stadium top dome
Stop sign shape octagon
Sugary suffix ose
Sunrise direction east
Take as one's own adopt
To-do list items tasks
Very big dog greatdane
Whatever number any
Workout venue gym
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