How many letters in the Answer?

Eugene Sheffer - King Feature Syndicate Apr 04 2019

'Dig in!' eat
'Garfield' dog odie
'Uh-huh' yup
'— it going?' hows
Aachen article eine
Air freshener target odor
Baby's toy rattle
Beach bucket pail
Beach robe caftan
Boris' cartoon partner natasha
Broad wide
Chest muscle pec
Chinese chairman mao
Christie sleuth poirot
Clara of the Red Cross barton
Class that includes newts and frogs amphibia
Corn serving ear
Egyptian deity isis
Electrical strength amperage
Exile isle elba
Feeder filler seed
Fez, e.g hat
First victim abel
Four-bagger homerun
Fragrant tree fir
Group of seals pod
Guffaw syllable har
Hay bundle bale
Hgt elev
Highway turnoff exitramp
Hotel amenity spa
Inter — alia
June honorees dads
Kimono closer obi
Label tag
Lawyers' org aba
Lean- — (sheds) tos
Letter before iota theta
Must have need
Na Na lead-in sha
Nanny's charge tot
Nonstick spray pam
Opposing vote nay
Picnic spoiler rain
Potato, for one tuber
Prof's degree phd
Put in office elect
Reluctant loath
Roughly orso
Sandwich meat ham
Scale ranges octaves
Sea, to Henri mer
See to tend
Sheltered alee
Skater's leap axel
Snitch tell
Style mode
The Big Easy acronym nola
Took the helm steered
Toy block name lego
Training site bootcamp
Twitch tic
Wall St. wheeler-dealer arb
Wrigley product gum
— -de-France ile
— -jongg mah
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