How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 29 2013

"... bombs bursting __" INAIR
"Dear __" ABBY
"If I Ruled the World" rapper NAS
"No way that's true!" ITSALIE
"Rolling along" item in an Army song CAISSON
"Run" author Patchett ANN
"Sorry to say ..." ALAS
"Star Wars" mentor Obi-Wan __ KENOBI
"Sweet!" RAD
"The Office" network NBC
"The Tempest" sorcerer PROSPERO
"True Blood" rating TVMA
"Whatever you say, honey" YESDEAR
"You eediot!" speaker of cartoons REN
"__ Irish Rose" ABIES
'90s-'00s heartthrob band NSYNC
17th-century anti-witch application? SALEMSLOTION
Activist Bonner who married Sakharov YELENA
Actor, usually FAKER
All-nighter cause FINAL
Amer. armed forces traitor? USMILITARYRAT
Ample, in verse ENOW
AQI monitor EPA
Arrangement of church services LITURGY
Arsonist's pursuit? BURNINGQUEST
AWOL hunters MPS
B.O. purchases TIX
Baltic capital RIGA
Behind-the-scenes romance? BACKSTAGEPASSION
Big draw STAR
Big heart ACE
Big name in theaters? IMAX
Body suit? SKIN
Browser's reading, briefly EMAGS
Cabinet dept. formed under Carter ENER
Cancels (out) XES
Caps Lock neighbor TAB
Carol opening OCOME
Casual shoe MOC
Celts, e.g NBAERS
Charles V's domain: Abbr HRE
Chemical reaction phenomenon, and what occurs in four symmetrical pairs of long answers in this puzzle IONTRANSFER
Church closings AMENS
Clear conclusion? ANCE
Collects lots of RAKESIN
Commuters per hour, e. g.? RAILWAYSTAT
Company with a stork in its logo VLASIC
Con game decoys SHILLS
Cong. member SEN
Cornstarch brand ARGO
Deceptive-sounding instrument? LYRE
Desert trial NTEST
Dollhouse accessory TEASET
Down source EIDER
Early Alaskan ESKIMO
Exiles, perhaps ENISLES
Expatriate EMIGRE
Fail to chill SWEATIT
Failure in treaty talks? PEACEKEEPINGMISS
Fed. hush-hush group NSA
Field vehicle TRACTOR
Fighting unit in the barnyard wars? CHICKENLEGION
Filibuster site SENATE
First year of Claudius' reign XLI
For fear that LEST
Ft. Worth school TCU
Gas brand born in 1926 ESSO
Green wheels ECOCAR
Hägar creator Browne DIK
High seas quaff GROG
Holiday veggie YAM
Holy Communion receptacle PYX
Hosp. area ICU
In person BODILY
Inner Hebrides isle IONA
Invite across the threshold ASKIN
iPhone programs APPS
Isn't fictional EXISTS
Jazzy improvisation SCAT
JFK Library architect IMPEI
Jovovich of "Resident Evil" films MILLA
Judge's concerns FACTS
Kind of acid used in fertilizers NITRIC
King's order EDICT
Lawsuit basis TORT
Left on Spanish maps? OESTE
Legendary Dolphins coach SHULA
Like he-men MACHO
Like some windows ARCHED
Logic proposition LEMMA
Man without morals ROUE
Math subj. with integrals CALC
Mell Lazarus comic strip MOMMA
Millions of lifetimes EON
Moshing site PIT
NBC comedy staple SNL
Neil Sedaka hit OHCAROL
Nobelist Wiesel et al ELIES
Old-time knife SNEE
One, in Oldenburg EINS
Paragon IDEAL
Part of IOC: Abbr INTL
Pass (out) METE
Personal ad abbr SWF
Plant animals? CHIAPETS
Poet Sachs NELLY
Prefix with -pod TRI
Professional gp ASSN
Public pair ITEM
Quite a while AGES
Recent rightists NEOCONS
Response to an arrest, initially CPR
Rocky greetings YOS
Running an errand, say NOTIN
Sales rep AGENT
Sand in food, say GRIT
Seventh fencing position SEPTIME
Shear (off) LOP
Shoreline changers TIDES
Small stream CREEK
Soak, in British dialect SOG
Some arm candy ESCORTS
Thousandth of a meg ONEK
Tiny bit SKOSH
Tiny bits IOTAS
Truncation abbr ETC
TV spin-off set in Florida CSIMIAMI
Tyler of "The Talk" AISHA
Veda devotee HINDU
Web help source FAQ
When the plot thickens, often ACTII
White house? IGLOO
Whitman's "__ the Body Electric" ISING
Word on the street, maybe SLANG
Words students fear SEEME
Writable storage media, for short CDRS
Yemen's capital SANA
__ opportune moment ATAN
__ Sutra KAMA
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