How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Sep 07 2014

"Check it out!" LOOK
"Curses!" DRAT
"Go away!" SHOO
"Holy __!" MOLY
"I'm on it!" CANDO
"Once more ..." IREPEAT
"That's strange" ODD
"The Unknown" director Browning TOD
"Why not?" LETS
"__ Aeterna": Requiem Mass song LUX
"__ be sad if ..." ITD
1992 David Mamet play OLEANNA
2000 Peace Prize recipient Kim __-jung DAE
2013 Literature Nobelist Alice MUNRO
50-50 shot TOSSUP
Adidas founder Dassler ADOLF
Ancient Indo-European ARYAN
Anniversary bash JUBILEE
Asian New Year TET
Asleep no more AWOKEN
Author Dinesen ISAK
Become adept at aerobic exercise? MASTERCARDIO
Biblical name meaning "hairy" ESAU
Biol. majors' awards BSDEGREES
Blow a gasket ERUPT
Book after John ACTS
Boxer with titles in eight different weight classes PACQUIAO
Brit's New York signoff? BRONXCHEERIO
Buyer of "Gangsta's Paradise"? COOLIOCUSTOMER
Canadian french fries dish POUTINE
Chaney of old horror films LON
CNN medical correspondent Sanjay __ GUPTA
Coal scuttle HOD
Comprehensive command SAVEALL
Contact a provisions room on a shortwave? RADIOTHEPANTRY
Contest to win an objet d'art? RACEFORTHECURIO
Cough and sneeze, say AIL
Diplomat's case ATTACHE
Do some necking CANOODLE
Do-it-yourself floor covering RAGRUG
Domingo number ARIA
Down Under school UNI
Drug-induced hostility ROIDRAGE
Emmy-winning sportscaster Patrick DAN
Ersatz FAUX
Exemplary IDEAL
Expand, as a home ADDONTO
Exude OOZE
Familiar fruit logo APPLE
Fancy dresser FOP
Fancy drink garnish PETAL
Farmyard sound QUACK
Fish-chips link AND
Five iron, old-style MASHIE
Forfeited wheels REPO
Gas partner: Abbr ELEC
Get into gear? DRESS
Gets down ALIGHTS
Gets eaten away, in a way RUSTS
Godsend BOON
Govt. ID issuer SSA
Half a dance CHA
Harvester's paths SWATHS
HDTV part, for short HIDEF
Hertz opening? MEGA
Hinder's opposite AID
However, informally THO
Inter __ ALIA
Internet __: viral item MEME
Jewel case holders CDRACKS
Kept the dance floor busy, briefly DJED
Last syllable ULTIMA
Leaf-wrapped Mexican dish TAMALES
Like weak handshakes LIMP
Link clicker's destination SITE
Man of steel? ROBOT
Many a Jordanian ARAB
Mental health org APA
Montréal moniker NOM
More certain SURER
Moto portrayer LORRE
Mudville number NINE
Northwest airport named for two cities SEATAC
Not at all settled ANTSY
Outdoor dining area with no chairs? STANDINGPATIO
Pained shrieks YEOWS
Party leaders MCS
Patronizes, as a motel STAYSAT
Pay ending OLA
Pay homage (to) DOHONOR
Perfect Sleeper maker SERTA
Pet for Pedro GATO
Post of good manners EMILY
Prefix with -pus OCTO
Protest singer Phil OCHS
Pup squeak YIP
Put the cuffs on NAB
Rebel against DEFY
Refine, as ore SMELT
Ring punch HOOK
River of Germany EDER
Roxy Music alum ENO
Sailor, at times RIGGER
Sandwich ingredient for many? SILENTD
Santa __ ROSA
Scale fifth SOL
Sch. with the mustachioed mascot Hey Reb! UNLV
Sensible SANE
Show again REAIR
Skin malady, perhaps CYST
Sound file suffix WAV
Spanish neighborhood known for its kisses? CHOCOLATEBARRIO
Sports __ BRA
Subject of corroboration ALIBI
Suffix with 62-Across IST
Sundial number III
Sushi topper ROE
Tang dynasty poet Li __ BAI
Temp. takers, at times RNS
Texas NLer STRO
Thurman of "Kill Bill" UMA
Top story ATTIC
Tumult ADO
Tune with many high notes YODEL
TV station mascot? STUDIOCHICKEN
User's reversal UNDO
Vitamin-rich veggie CHARD
Watch in awe GAZEAT
Wax museum founder Marie TUSSAUD
Went hastily HIED
Winter beverages HOTTEAS
__ butter: cosmetic moisturizer SHEA
__ nod: acting honor OSCAR
__ trading INSIDER
__-Wan Kenobi OBI
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