How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Oct 27 2007

"Absolutely!" AMEN
"Ashes to Ashes" novelist Tami HOAG
"Hud" Oscar winner NEAL
"I've seen enough" THATLLDO
"The Valley of Horses" heroine AYLA
1990s-2000s airer of "The Real McCoys" TNN
Abbr. that obviates itemizing ETAL
Audit, as a class SITINON
Audition, e.g. COMPETE
Ballpark figs. ESTS
Be right next to ABUT
Big blasts NTESTS
Board jumpers: Abbr. KTS
California city on its own river NAPA
Comforted SOLACED
Compound used in explosives TOLUENE
Court matter RES
Darling SWEETS
Dorm alternative, perhaps FRATHOUSE
Edge for some skaters HOMEICE
Exposed TOLDON
Fictional portal TIMEWARP
Follower ACOLYTE
Former coin of Spain PESETA
Gathering for rock lovers? SOCKHOP
Half a sleepless night? TOSSING
Hi-tech recording device CDBURNER
Hillary and others ELIS
Indonesia's __ Islands SULA
Junior __, linebacker voted to the NFL 1990s All-Decade Team SEAU
Kedrova of "Zorba the Greek" LILA
Kind of reunion TENYEAR
Kisser PUSS
KITT of "Knight Rider" was one TRANSAM
Knock-knock joke, usually PUN
Leading speakers MCS
Like some British police sirens TWOTONE
Lingerie synthetic SPANDEX
Manipulates USES
Margarine ingredient CORNOIL
Moves gradually closer EDGESUP
Not treated with preservatives, as meat UNCURED
On account of OWINGTO
One side of the GW Bridge NYC
Ophthalmologist's concern STYE
Party people GUESTS
Prince married to Yaroslavna, in opera IGOR
Put out SORE
Rarely a reformer STATIST
Red Sea country ERITREA
Small porch STOOP
Small shelter COTE
Soul, to Sartre AME
Start from scratch CREATE
Stuffed oneself ATEATON
Timed perfectly ONCUE
Tinactin competitor DESENEX
Turns ROTS
Unkempt places STIES
Western timber tree REDFIR
Words before before or after ONOR
Words heard just before freezing? SAYCHEESE
Yard filler ALE
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