How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 24 2019

"Around the Horn" host Tony reali
"Behind the __ I'll convey myself": Polonius arras
"Cold one over here, please" beerme
"He that __ many words shall be abhorred": Eccl useth
"Idol" judge replaced by DeGeneres abdul
"It could happen" imay
"NCIS" was spun off from it jag
"The way I __ ... " seeit
"The Way We __" were
"These go to eleven" band spinaltap
"Three Tall Women" Pulitzer playwright albee
"Unbelievable" rock band emf
*"Under the Net" novelist irismurdoch
*Add unneeded ornamentation gildthelily
*Bashful one shrinkingviolet
*Henry James heroine daisymiller
*Hip-hop artist with the 2014 #1 hit "Fancy" iggyazalea
*Looney Tunes girlfriend petuniapig
*Youngest NBA player to win the MVP derrickrose
1912 Olympic legend thorpe
2007 IHOP acquisition applebees
60-year-old Mattel classic barbie
Aachen article der
Abated eased
Allow to use lend
Allowing admittance anywhere, as a pass allaccess
Angler's basket creel
AP rival upi
Approached neared
Aside (from) apart
Barrett of Pink Floyd syd
Base near home third
Bermuda, e.g isle
Big fight melee
Big risk taker daredevil
Bird in Saint-Saëns' "The Carnival of the Animals" swan
Bit of work erg
Bk. read at Purim esth
Blocked, as a drain clogged
Borscht veggie beet
Campaign funding org pac
Caught congers eeled
Cease halt
Celestial lion leo
Ceremonies rites
Citrus suffix ade
Coffee order: Abbr reg
Cole Porter's "Well, Did You __?" evah
Coolers in windows, briefly acs
Copland ballet with a hoedown rodeo
Creases folds
Creature found atop the apt part of each answer to a starred clue bee
D.C. VIP sen
Dawn deity eos
Delivery pros obgyns
Designer Geoffrey beene
Dessert option pie
Divested (of) rid
Donkey sound bray
Dwindle fadeaway
EMT skill cpr
Energy metaphor gas
Etched: Abbr insc
Facet side
Fail to make use of waste
Fish in the genus Hippocampus seahorse
Fraternal org bpoe
French coronation city reims
German university city ulm
Gershwin title lover porgy
Gives one's word vows
Go back in reenter
Govt. security tbill
GPS data rtes
Grafton's "__ for Evidence" eis
Guns revs
Happening event
Hardwood tree beech
Highborn noble
Hip-hop's Salt-__ npepa
Initial payments antes
Israeli airline elal
JFK, say dem
Judge's seat banc
Judy of "Devious Maids" reyes
Keats, for one odist
Key movie scenes setpieces
Korean rice dish bibimbap
Like, with "to" akin
Linguistic suffix ese
Make over redo
Margin edge
Mauna __ kea
Mel Blanc's "That's All Folks" et al epitaphs
Mongolian desert gobi
Nab arrest
One taking a selfie cell
One-named Swedish pop singer robyn
Overexcited manic
Palindromic court star seles
Palindromic Latin verb esse
Pancakes sometimes served with caviar blini
Part of XL: Abbr lge
Pays attention listens
Pine Tree State campus town orono
Pitcher Hershiser orel
Plan, with "out" map
Pocatello natives idahoans
Pocatello-to-Provo dir sse
Prayer opening olord
Prefix with Pen epi
Preppy jackets etons
Prior to, in poems ere
Reason to shake deal
Rehab woe dts
Remote, as a road lonesome
Research ctr inst
Ruth's husband boaz
Saying adage
Scott of "Charles in Charge" baio
Since asof
Site of Napoleon's exile elba
Skillful deft
Sliced-off parts parings
Some punches jabs
Some, in Stuttgart eines
Strange eerie
Studio supporter? easel
Support for glasses nose
Suspect's story alibi
Take __ of: taste asip
Target Field team twins
Timid shy
Tina and Lana turners
Top of a scepter, perhaps orb
Tweaks finetunes
Vail alternative aspen
Walked-on trodden
Watson creator ibm
WC loo
What Superman first looked like? bird
Where __ itsat
__ Diego san
__ Park: Pirates' field pnc
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