How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Mar 01 2011

"JAG" spin-off NCIS
"Moonstruck" Oscar winner CHER
"Pipe down!" HUSH
"The Bachelor" network ABC
"The Gong Show" regular with a paper bag on his head, with "the" UNKNOWNCOMIC
"Très __!" BIEN
"Washboard" muscles ABS
1-Down, e.g. AMMO
Air gun pellets BBS
Anatolian Peninsula capital ANKARA
Apostropheless possessive ITS
Astounded AWED
Caroline Kennedy, to Maria Shriver COUSIN
Chaney of horror LON
Checkers demand KINGME
Chewed like a beaver GNAWED
Chicken-king link ALA
Circumference part ARC
Clerical robes ALBS
Cold shoulder SNUB
Color, in a way DYE
Cop's often-unreliable lead ANONYMOUSTIP
Costner/Russo golf flick TINCUP
Cyclone's most dangerous part EYEWALL
Davenport, e.g. SOFA
Deep fissure ABYSS
Dweebish NERDY
Evian et al. SPAS
Fabric joint SEAM
Facetious name for a school cafeteria staple MYSTERYMEAT
Former U.N. leader Waldheim KURT
Fuzzy image BLUR
Glutton PIG
Harbinger OMEN
Harsh GRIM
Home Depot buy TOOL
Inner city blight SLUM
Jane Eyre, e.g. HEROINE
Jedi guru YODA
Laundry WASH
Leer at OGLE
Lic.-issuing bureau DMV
Like an extremely unpleasant situation UGLY
Machu Picchu architect INCA
March Madness org. NCAA
Martial arts-influenced workout TAEBO
Mechanical worker ROBOT
Memorable time ERA
Milne hopper ROO
Mingle (with) HOBNOB
NFLer who used to play in Yankee Stadium NYGIANT
Passed with flying colors ACED
Penny CENT
Performed in an aquacade SWAM
Pesky fliers GNATS
Rec room centerpiece HDTV
Retailer's private label NONAMEBRAND
Reverse UNDO
Right hand: Abbr. ASST
Rollicking good time BLAST
Row of waiters LINE
RR stop STA
Sawbones MEDICO
Screw-up SNAFU
Shape up SNAPTO
Snack for a gecko INSECT
Some Horace poems EPODES
Start of a Latin I conjugation AMO
Striped stinkers SKUNKS
Tear gas target RIOTER
The man's partner, in a Shaw title ARMS
Three-layer snacks OREOS
Total ADD
Up front AHEAD
West Coast ocean concern TSUNAMI
Western neckwear BOLOS
WWII carriers LSTS
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