How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 27 2006

"Happy motoring" sloganeer ESSO
"Platoon" director Oliver STONE
100 clams CNOTE
1994 John Travolta film PULPFICTION
50-50 EVEN
Actor Buchholz HORST
Add as an afterthought TACKON
Arafat's org. for 35 years PLO
Baseball's "Georgia Peach" COBB
Big name in brewing PABST
Black-and-white treat OREO
Bottom-row PC key CTRL
Bright courts ATRIA
Caen cleric ABBE
Chewer's discard GUMWRAPPER
Composer Satie ERIK
Crowd noise ROAR
Daytime talk show host OPRAH
Defeat decisively WALLOP
Defeated BESTED
Devour EATUP
Dover is its cap. DEL
E pluribus __ UNUM
Elec. letters ACDC
Enthusiastic review RAVE
Flushing park SHEA
Former bumper car trademark DODGEM
Fourth planet MARS
Fowl places COOPS
Freudian concerns EGOS
Genetic letters DNA
Gullible NAIVE
Hockey game divisions PERIODS
Holds the deed to OWNS
Hook-and-line users ANGLERS
Inert gas ARGON
Jai __ ALAI
Joan at Woodstock BAEZ
Jordan's Queen __ NOOR
Kind of copy CARBON
Lawless TV role XENA
Letters on Sputnik CCCP
Like Enya's music NEWAGE
Louvre location PARIS
Make amends ATONE
MGM co-founder LOEW
Movie critic Pauline KAEL
Movie lioness ELSA
Northernmost NYC borough BRONX
Not at all vain MODEST
Panda's diet BAMBOO
Partly enclosed ocean areas GULFS
Passover feast SEDER
Paula of CNN ZAHN
Pose SIT
Quaint quarters INN
Race segment LEG
Real looker SEXPOT
Ripped TORE
Sch. founded by Jefferson UVA
Sherwin-Williams offering ENAMELPAINT
Small spy groups CELLS
Sound on the rebound ECHO
Staff figures CLEFS
Still-life fruit APPLE
Survey POLL
Tear off, as a remittance stub DETACH
Teller's comedy partner PENN
Throw out EGEST
Took an oath SWORE
Trendy furniture store IKEA
Underground crop storage area ROOTCELLAR
Vagrant HOBO
Wheel shaft AXLE
Whom Bugs bugs ELMER
Window part SASH
Wrinkly faced canine PUG
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