How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Jun 22 2014

"Don't beat around the bush!" YESORNO
"Hot enough for ya?," e.g CLICHE
"Sugar Lips" trumpeter ALHIRT
"__ in the hand ..." ABIRD
1300 hours ONE
1976 airport raid site ENTEBBE
1978 film based on a Harold Robbins novel THEBETSY
Activist Chavez CESAR
Apple consumer EVE
Army E-7: Abbr SFC
Attacker of Athens, per Plato ATLANTIS
Attraction for shutterbugs SCENERY
B followers CDE
Barely move INCH
Bathrooms decorated in denim? LEVISJOHNS
Be relevant APPLY
Bear's cry SELL
Biomedical research agcy NIH
Bite-size appetizer PUPU
Blue gem, briefly LAPIS
Bygone fliers SSTS
Bygone theaters RKOS
Cabbage side COLESLAW
Canine predator JACKAL
Chances to golf with Mickelson or McIlroy PROAMS
Character in "Satanic Star Trek"? SPOCKOFTHEDEVIL
Charlotte __ AMALIE
Choir voices ALTOS
Clancy explaining the spelling of his name? THEREISNOIINTOM
Connecting point NEXUS
Costa __ RICA
Creator of a cocky hare AESOP
Cut through SLICED
Declare frankly AVOW
Disgruntled word HUMPH
Distinguished types SCHOLARS
Eastern ideal TAO
Every one ALL
Father of Tulip Victoria TINYTIM
Faulkner vixen Varner EULA
Favoring Mideast unity PANARAB
Fictitious ASSUMED
File __ MENU
Find fault with BLAME
First album in a Green Day trilogy UNO
Former Nigerian secessionist state BIAFRA
Formula One racer Fabi TEO
Four in a gal QTS
Garfield's middle name ABRAM
German article DAS
Gorgeous farm gal feeding the pigs? SLOPPINGBEAUTY
High seas patron STELMO
Holiday visitors, perhaps NIECES
How many a management group is trained ASATEAM
I'm-here link OUTA
Israeli desert fortification MASADA
It may be done on one foot MRI
It's nothing to Hollande RIEN
Itinerary word VIA
Jungle chopper MACHETE
Keep the beat? PATROL
La Méditerranée, e.g MER
Lady Liberty's land, proudly USOFA
Latin 101 verb ESSE
Legal decrees DICTA
Like adobe EARTHEN
Like most fleet cars ONLEASE
Like spring jackets UNLINED
Many a presidential term, historically ERA
Many OCS grads LTS
Many playlist entries OLDIES
Mari de la mère PERE
Melville title starter MOBY
Menial helper GOFER
Monastery grounds? LANDOFTHEFRA
Monogamous waterfowl GEESE
More, on a score PIU
Mozart's "__ kleine Nachtmusik" EINE
Natural sci GEOL
Nevada city on US 50 ELY
No more than ONLY
Nunavut's __ Strait, named for an explorer RAE
Oilers, on NHL scoreboards EDM
One for whom Apr. is the cruelest month? CPA
One leading a Spartan lifestyle ASCETIC
One of Israel's 12 tribes ASHER
One who stole from thieves ALIBABA
Photo lab process: Abbr ENL
Prez, to GIs CIC
Pro Football Hall of Famer Nagurski BRONKO
Provo neighbor OREM
Reddish horse ROAN
Rhone tributary SAONE
Rose of rock AXL
Round the Boardwalk corner PASSGO
Run on GAB
Sailing, perhaps ASEA
Salt TAR
Salty assent AYE
Scandinavian capital OSLO
Serenaded SANGTO
Sing like Bing CROON
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sonora Mrs SRA
Soup with a bento MISO
Spewed out EGESTED
Square problem? PEG
Stain left by a pool disinfectant? CHLORINEBLOTCH
Still destroyer TMAN
Strategic WWII island in the Northern Marianas TINIAN
Strings with pedals HARPS
Subatomic particle MUON
Susan's "All My Children" role ERICA
Take care of SEETO
Take heed NOTE
Teen phase, often ANGST
The pond, in the U.K ATL
Tiny stinger FIREANT
Trading Clue, Monopoly, Life and Boggle? FOURGAMESWAP
Treasury secretary under Clinton RUBIN
Type A, often DYNAMO
Victoria's Secret seasonal line? SUMMERBRAS
Walk casually SASHAY
Walks heavily PLODS
Wood sorrel genus OXALIS
Word with order or reel GAG
Young newts EFTS
[Headslap] SILLYME
__ and all WARTS
__ Aviv TEL
__ fast one PULLA
__ Islands: Malay Archipelago group SUNDA
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