How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 06 2015

"Avatar" race NAVI
"Diana" singer ANKA
"Holy moly!" EGADS
"Inside Politics" airer CNN
"One more thing ... " ALSO
"Piano Man" pianist JOEL
"Rubáiyát" rhyme scheme AABA
"SOS" group ABBA
"That sounds bad!" OHGOD
"Très sexy!" OOLALA
"Whatever you say, honey" YESDEAR
"__ we all?" ARENT
1983 Indy 500 winner Tom SNEVA
American-born Jordanian queen NOOR
Backspace over ERASE
Bank offering AUTOLOAN
Bath quantity? LITRE
Big steps STRIDES
Brake SLOW
Business sch. subject ECON
Buzzers that can't be seen? HIDDENFLIES
Cancellation of a kind STET
Captivate ENAMOR
Carwash challenge TAR
Cheap shots BARBS
Chiefs coach Andy REID
Clog cousin SABOT
Co. known for music compilations KTEL
Colorado tributary GILA
Commonplace ballet technique? STOCKPLIE
Complaint department? CRABCOUNTER
Component of some small Ferraris LEGO
Concocts, with "up" COOKS
Critiqued RATED
D-Day city STLO
Did some whittling, say IDLED
Do cover HAIRNET
Drudgery GRIND
Encrust CAKE
Fabricates MAKES
Fat-shunning fellow SPRAT
First host of "America's Got Talent" REGIS
Former Cubs slugger SOSA
Garfield, e.g PETCAT
Generous offer ONME
Genetic info carrier RNA
Gere title role DRT
Goes on and on YAKS
Greenery-covered, as walls IVIED
Gust that rattles the blinds? SLATSHAKER
Had a yearning ACHED
Hang-around-the-house wear MOCS
Heaps ATON
Heath-covered wasteland MOOR
High-altitude home AERIE
High-end violin STRAD
High-tech classroom PCLAB
Highly seasoned SPICY
Hindu melody RAGA
Hold up DELAY
Holiday season store statistic? WRAPSPEED
Hospital holding area, briefly PREOP
How music may be sold ONCDS
Humor among buddies? CRONYJOKES
HUN neighbor, to the IOC CRO
Inner: Pref ENTO
It may be dry or sparkling WIT
It's used in rounds AMMO
Item sold in a kit MODEL
Jack's value, sometimes TEN
Kegger venue FRAT
Keycard receiver SLOT
Kiddie-lit monster OGRE
Laudatory verse ODE
LAX postings ARRS
Liable to snap EDGY
Light source BULB
Line at the beach? NICETAN
Lose energy TIRE
Lounge around LOLL
Made judgments on diamonds UMPED
Masters gadget TEE
Mirror shape OVAL
Mom's mealtime encouragement TASTEIT
Mower handle? DEERE
Mystery writer Buchanan EDNA
No longer used OBSOLETE
Nouveau-Mexique, e.g ETAT
NYSE regulator SEC
Ordinary dolt? COMMONCLOD
Peanuts, say SNACK
Pipe cleaner DRANO
Plumbing piece ELBOW
Political list SLATE
Principal roles LEADS
Prohibition NONO
Pudding fruit FIG
Put away SAVED
PX customer NCO
Race site for more than 300 years ASCOT
Rachael Ray sautéing initialism EVOO
Rare indication? RED
Real cards RIOTS
Rich deposit LODE
Romantic evening switch DIMMER
Room-size computer unveiled in 1946 ENIAC
Rouen relative ONCLE
Round fig CIR
Sci-fi film classic STARWARS
Scintilla SHRED
She adopted Tigger KANGA
Short lines at the register? UPC
Shot contents DOSE
Smelter raw material ORE
Solitary sort LONEWOLF
Somewhat ATAD
Split-resistant lumber TEAK
Sprint, for one TELECOM
Start of a quaint business sign YEOLDE
Start of an attorney's conclusion IREST
Steadfast STABLE
Tandoori bread NAAN
The "It Girl" Bow CLARA
They're heard in herds BAAS
Tips off TELLS
Tom Sawyer's aunt POLLY
Tools for removing reputation stains? BLOTCUTTERS
Tracks down TRACES
Tradition born under King Kamehameha II LUAU
Traffic stoppers? NARCS
Transvaal settler BOER
Trifled (with) TOYED
Tweeting source NEST
Veggie sometimes pickled BEET
Was in the hole OWED
Where mixologists learn the ropes? TRAININGBAR
Winner of 82 PGA Tour tournaments SNEAD
Youngest of three dramatic sisters IRINA
Zen enlightenment SATORI
Zip, in Zaragoza NADA
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