How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 04 2016

"Entertaining Mr. Sloane" playwright ORTON
"God helps __ ... " THOSE
"If only" IWISH
"If you __ ... " ASKME
"My Eyes Adored You" singer VALLI
"Power Lunch" airer CNBC
"Shucks" AWGEE
"The Nutcracker" garb TUTU
"This fortress built by Nature for __": Shakespeare HERSELF
"__ so you!" ITS
'60s-'70s crime drama THEFBI
'80s missile prog SDI
Actress Lindsay LOHAN
As you like it TOTASTE
Asian nurse AMAH
At age 88, Betty White was its oldest host, briefly SNL
Bone marrow lymphocyte BCELL
Brew hue AMBER
Bunting relative TOWHEE
Butcher's waste OFFAL
Butter-yielding bean CACAO
Carefree BLITHE
Carpentry pin DOWEL
Central idea THEME
China neighbor LAOS
City in northern France LILLE
Cowboys' home, familiarly BIGD
Data transfer unit BAUD
Deliberate SLOW
Dr.'s orders RANDR
Drum played with a fife TABOR
Dugout VIP MGR
Early Beatle Sutcliffe STU
En __: in the lead, in French TETE
Evoke screams from TERRIFY
Feline snitch? BLABBYCAT
Fifth cen. pope called "The Great" STLEO
Finishes WRAPSUP
Fired by a waiter? FLAMBE
Floral neckwear LEI
Foppish accessory ASCOT
Ford muscle car, to devotees STANG
Forgetting how to stay up? FLOTATIONBLANK
Form 1040 fig AGI
Get whipped LOSE
Grape-Nuts creator CWPOST
Half-__: coffee order CAF
Happen to BEFALL
Haul in Г la the Big Bad Wolf, as a wrecked vehicle? BLOWBACKTOTHESHOP
Helps keep track REMINDS
Hooded snake COBRA
Hunk's pride BOD
Informal pricing words APOP
Introducer of the first side-by-side refrigerator AMANA
Island band The __ Men BAHA
It merged with SAG in 2012 AFTRA
Jah worshipers RASTAS
Journalist Roberts COKIE
Junkyard guards? BLIGHTSECURITY
Just as planned TOATEE
Kind of TV personality ONAIR
Kinks title woman with "a dark brown voice" LOLA
Kiss like a dog, perhaps SLOBBER
Kitchen whistler TEAKETTLE
Lawyer's org ABA
Leeds lot CARPARK
Letters in an arrest records database AKA
Like many cks ENCL
Like saltimbocca, flavorwise SAGY
Like some felonies CLASSB
Lines of squad cars, maybe ESCORTS
Link up with TIETO
London taxi HACKNEY
Lute family member UKE
Marks for a 124-Across CARETS
Marx Brothers staple ANTIC
Micro- ending COSM
Migratory herring SHAD
Missile with a flight DART
Negotiations TALKS
Neruda's "__ to Wine" ODE
New England tourist mecca CAPECOD
One who doesn't get out LIFER
Out at the station ALIBI
Palm Pre predecessor TREO
Passionate maintenance of one's Cuisinart? BLENDERLOVINGCARE
Password creator USER
Patrick on a track DANICA
Patsy SAP
Paving stone SETT
Pelvic bone ILIUM
Pinup's leg GAM
Pitney's partner BOWES
Place for a shoe HOOF
Plastic __ Band ONO
Polynesian porch LANAI
Pressing URGENT
Prince Buster music genre SKA
Prince __ Khan ALY
Pro __ RATA
Promise OATH
Recently stolen HOT
Rep's bad news NOSALE
Rhinos and hippos BEASTS
Rub the wrong way? ABRADE
Sandwich that hints at this puzzle's theme BLT
Schumann quartet: Abbr SYMS
Second Amendment word MILITIA
Second start NANO
Sharpens WHETS
Simply not done TABOO
Site of the "Shall We Dance?" dance SIAM
Six-pack you can't drink ABS
Six-time Hugo winner Frederik POHL
Specks on a screen LINT
Stats in NBA bios HTS
Suspicious of ONTO
Tablet download EBOOK
Tetra- doubled OCTA
Text __ EDITOR
They may be choked back SOBS
This, in Toledo ESTO
To this point ASYET
University of San Marcos city LIMA
Vegas bigwig ODDSMAKER
Warm Argentina month ENERO
Warning technologically unavailable in Titanic times? BLIPOFTHEICEBERG
Waves-against-dock sound SLAP
West of Atlanta KANYE
What some spits do ROTATE
Where a chant of "Well done, blokes!" might start? ENGLISHBLEACHERS
Within: Pref ENTO
Word on a fast food sign THRU
Yale School of Management degs MBAS
Yokohama yes HAI
__ Park: Edison lab site MENLO
__ sleep REM
__ Tomé SAO
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