How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Dec 01 2011

"Golly!" OHGEE
"Java" jazzman HIRT
"Take it!" HERE
"The Book of __": 2010 film ELI
"Very funny" TV station TBS
"__ always say ..." ASI
*2011 NBA finals runner-up HEAT
*Bond, for one AGENT
*Champagne, e.g WINE
*Loose FREE
*Public distribution RELEASE
1-Down follower ASSUMEDNAME
17-syllable work HAIKU
1962 NASA launch TELSTAR
21-Down group FOURTHESTATE
3.0 and 4.0: Abbr GPAS
72, at Augusta National PAR
A pop EACH
Ad __ HOC
Adjective for Ripley STRANGE
Art, now ARE
Author Godwin GAIL
Baby carrier EGG
Causes of grins and groans PUNS
Clampett player EBSEN
Doctrinal offshoots SECTS
Dog-__ page EARED
Door support HINGE
Emergency indicator SIREN
Explosive ANGRY
Fix opening PRE
Founding member of OPEC IRAN
Fruit cover RIND
Gag that might explode CIGAR
Garden purchases SEEDS
Group of chicks BROOD
Hairstyle with an appendage of sorts RATTAIL
Heavy reading? TOME
Hightails it SCATS
Instrument for the musically challenged KAZOO
Interview show since 1947 ... and what this puzzle's starred answers do in two ways MEETTHEPRESS
Letters before a 17-Across AKA
Mao follower? ISM
Met excerpt ARIA
Modern information sources DATABASES
NYC dance troupe ABT
Of yore OLDEN
Old Fords LTDS
Old reciprocal electrical unit MHO
Panting, perhaps EAGER
Pie material? MUD
Pig movie BABE
Prevailing tendencies MAINSTREAMS
Puts out, in a way TAGS
Reference word SEE
Relief for a commuter SEAT
Routes for two-wheelers BIKEPATHS
Runner's woe CRAMP
Scratched (out) EKED
Speedy Amtrak train ACELA
Stage device ASIDE
Stephen of "Citizen X" REA
Subject to debate MOOT
Take a shot TRY
Test by lifting HEFT
Time piece? ISSUE
Turkish titles AGAS
Unit of cultural information MEME
Up in the air ALOFT
Wall-mounted safety device GRABBAR
Went ape RANAMOK
Won all the games SWEPT
Wt. units OZS
Yields CEDES
__ Cruces LAS
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