How many letters in the Answer?

L.A. Times Daily Aug 26 2007

"Green" prefix ECO
"Paper Moon" pair ONEALS
"The Fountainhead" hero ROARK
"The Kingdom and the Power" author TALESE
"The West Wing" Emmy winner ALDA
"You should've listened to me" SEE
"__ there, done that" BEEN
Agitate ROIL
Arabian Peninsula native YEMENI
Arnold's crime TREASON
Arsenal supplies ARMS
Assist with an inside job, say ABET
Baseball salary cap consequence? DIAMONDCUTBACK
Benefits SAKES
Biscotti flavoring ANISE
Bracelet sites ANKLES
Bribe for a reduced sentence? PENALTYKICKBACK
Briquette COAL
Bungle FLUB
Bungle, with "up" MUCK
Caen clerics ABBES
Catch red-handed NAIL
Checked for the last time? MATED
Cheese in a ball EDAM
Chem. pollutant PCB
CIA forerunner OSS
City near Sparks RENO
Clarifying article attachment ENDNOTE
Coined money SPECIE
Comfy footwear MOC
County west of Crockett County PECOS
Craggy peak TOR
Critique word on "The Next Food Network Star," maybe BLAND
Crude shelter LEANTO
Cry of accomplishment TADA
Dallas suburb ALLEN
Danish bread KRONE
Deep green LODEN
Dish alternative CABLE
Edit, as text EMEND
Extinguish DOUSE
Fab time GAS
Fine AOK
Frat accessory PIN
Frustrate STYMIE
Game watcher WARDEN
Genesis outcast EVE
Gobbled up EATEN
Good deal LOT
Hectic lifestyle RATRACE
Hide from a hunter PELT
Higher-up individual? ALIEN
In __: actually ESSE
Indisputable TRUE
Inner circle CADRE
Inspiring dely. SER
Inuit garment ANORAK
Iraqi port BASRA
It's a sign OMEN
It's five hours later than EST GMT
It's impossible to argue with one KNOWALL
Italian bread EURO
John of little distinction DOE
Jukebox inserts ONES
Kidney-related RENAL
Kiln raw material CLAY
Lee follower REB
Line of clothing SEAM
Links army leader ARNIE
Magical opening ABRA
Miss identification SHE
Momentary memory lapse? MINDSETBACK
Morales of "La Bamba" ESAI
More frilly LACIER
Most powerful of the Aesir ODIN
Multicolored PIED
Not so taciturn WINDIER
Obey a red light STOP
Old printing symbols OBELI
One with questions ASKER
Opinions from a coward? CHICKENFEEDBACK
Out of port, but not wine ASEA
Pampas rider GAUCHO
Partnership for Peace org. NATO
Philippines "Queen of Talk" Aquino KRIS
Pierced place EARLOBE
Plot creators CABAL
Pouty expressions MOUES
Prefix with globin HEMO
Prone APT
Pump, for one SHOE
Push and shove JOSTLE
Quiet craft CANOE
Raider successes: Abbr. TDS
Rankled IRKED
Recipe abbr. TSP
Reduced rate on Smucker's? JELLYROLLBACK
Redundant marketing come-ons FREEGIFTS
Rhine feeder AAR
Rock's Brian ENO
Seasoned salt TAR
Shakespeare's "merry wanderer of the night" PUCK
Sharer's word OUR
Simplify EASE
Slip away ELAPSE
Solution for poor insulation, perhaps OILHEATER
Some blinks TICS
Some window designs DECALS
Sooner State city ENID
Sought-after football player? BETTERHALFBACK
Source of D.C. funding PAC
Stool, often BARSEAT
Student group CLASS
Sudden increase SPIKE
Sun blocker DRAPE
Syrup source MAPLE
Take after APE
Take-out order? DELE
Taste tester, e.g. TRIER
The kids in "Eight Is Enough," e.g. OCTET
Tolls for a hearse? KNELLS
Travel aimlessly GAD
Trickery WILES
Trimmed a fairway MOWED
TV watcher? FCC
Unexpected blessing GODSEND
Up to, briefly TIL
Upscale inexpensive book? BONDPAPERBACK
Use a cell, maybe DOTIME
Validates VETS
Whole bunch SCAD
Work boot features TOECAPS
Wretched wheels LEMON
WWII turning point DDAY
Yoga posture ASANA
You may have to stand for it ANTHEM
Youngster TYKE
__ Club: Costco rival SAMS
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