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Country Music6 answersToys & Games7 answersBones8 answersOpera6 answersTrios4 answersSour5 answersAfrica6 answersU.S. History7 answersThat's The Pits4 answersVerbs Of Expression8 answersMathematics6 answersBroadway8 answersThe "C" In Shakespeare8 answersReligion8 answersAmerican Folktales5 answersInventors7 answersClassical Music5 answersMore Words That Contain Numbers3 answersPoets8 answersCollective Nouns7 answersNorse Mythology6 answersBallet6 answersLas Vegas5 answersLiterary Characters8 answersU.S. Civil War6 answersFirefighters4 answersPlaywrights7 answersColor6 answersTolkien8 answersThe American South4 answers"Celebrate"8 answersWet Weather6 answersTime Travel5 answersHeadlines3 answersAmerican Literature8 answersCity Living5 answers"B" Movies5 answersIn The Snow7 answersTraffic5 answers"Many"6 answers
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