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Word Whizzle Classic - Bear

Take Measure5 answersUnder Your Feet5 answers"Stop"5 answersGreece5 answersContains "HE"4 answersPlaces To Party5 answersAfrican Countries4 answersOn A Flag5 answersLaundry4 answersTree Foods4 answersDentist4 answersMusic Adjectives4 answersPlaces5 answersCartoons4 answersOccupations4 answersNew York4 answersContains "EW"4 answersBy Your Bed5 answersBugs5 answersOn Ice5 answersWords With Numbers In Them4 answersTennis5 answersAround A Boat4 answersTwo "Gs"4 answersMovement Verbs5 answersIn Your Home4 answersAll About Bubbles4 answersFinancial Markets4 answersForeign3 answersWords That Start A Conversation5 answers
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