How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Sep 12 2006

"And so on and so forth" ETCETC
"Concentration" puzzle REBUS
"Mr. Show" original network HBO
"You've Got Mail" director Ephron NORA
"___ be my pleasure!" ITD
Actor McKellen IAN
Air rifle ammo BBS
Alternative to Beano or Tums GASX
Amidala's planet NABOO
Answered, on "Jeopardy!" ASKED
At any time EVER
Author of one of the Gospels STMARK
Badminton need NET
Band that redid "I Will Survive" CAKE
Baseball heads, for short GMS
Beginning ONSET
Big prov. ONT
Cartoon featuring Quagmire FAMILYGUY
Castlevania platform NES
Celebrity public awareness gp. RADD
Clay pigeons sport SKEET
Comic strip character drawn without a nose CATHY
Crooked politician, e.g. BRIBEE
Derided 2005 Black Eyed Peas song that mentions "lovely lady lumps" MYHUMPS
Do ___ ORDIE
Doesn't split STAYS
Dust Bowl victim OKIE
Elite people like Bill Gates UBERNERDS
Ex-South African prime minister P.W. BOTHA
Florida city OCALA
Former major leaguer EXPO
G. Love & Special Sauce song that repeats "I can tell that we're gonna be friends" BOOTYCALL
Garb for a big painting project SMOCK
Joe of "Hill Street Blues" SPANO
Just beat EDGE
Landscaping stuff SOD
Lice, but down there CRABS
Like books collecting dust UNREAD
Like some sketches ROUGH
List beginning ONE
Make, as coffee PERCOLATE
Medical scan: abbr. MRI
Messing up on the small screen? DEBRA
Mickelson's org. PGA
Mythical weeper NIOBE
Nonprofit's URL suffix ORG
Opposite of "cathode" ANODE
Person in charge BIGKAHUNA
Photographer Adams ANSEL
Planet that always gets a few laughs URANUS
Prefix for -pus OCTO
Prop for Mr. Peanut CANE
Refrain part of "The Banana Boat Song" DAYO
Restrict HEMIN
Robert ___ ELEE
Ruin MAR
Sculptor's deg. BFA
Sir Mix-a-Lot anthem with the line "...don't want none unless you got buns, hon" BABYGOTBACK
Small protuberance NUB
Strike out in a forward motion LUNGE
Subject of some nostalgic VH1 tributes DECADES
Sunflower edible SEED
Symptom of some allergy sufferers DRYEYES
Techno artist behind "We Are All Made of Stars" MOBY
They may be drive-up: abbr. ATMS
Tik-___ (character from the "Land of Oz" series) TOK
Tiny Tim's instrument UKE
What crime may do PAY
With 24-down, Trace Adkins hit with the line "Lord have mercy, how'd she even get them britches on" HONKYTONK
Work like ___ ADOG
Wrestling milieu MUD
Yank's counterpart REB
___ attention (suddenly quit zoning) SNAPTO
___ Dei ("The Da Vinci Code" group) OPUS
___ Revenge (Atari classic) YARS
___-garde AVANT
___-Roman GRECO
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