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Jonesin' Nov 04 2010

'A League of Their Own' star Davis GEENA
'Ask ___' (Chrysler ad campaign featuring chairman Dieter Zetsche) DRZ
'Buffy the Vampire Slayer' creator Joss WHEDON
'Clan of the Cave Bear' heroine AYLA
'Eat Drink Man Woman' director Lee ANG
'Eww!' GROSS
'Freaks and Geeks' creator and 'The Office' director Paul FEIG
'I ___ a Putty Tat' (1947 animated short) TAW
'I'm onto you now!' AHA
'It's ___-brainer' ANO
'Maybe, but possibly not...' ITHINKSO
'Un momento, ___ favor' POR
'When I Take My Sugar ___' (Frank Sinatra song) TOTEA
'___ I warn you?' DIDNT
'___ Johnny!' HERES
'___ the Killer' (2001 Japanese film) ICHI
Airline to Amsterdam KLM
Annika Sorenstam's org. LPGA
Anyone effeminate, to The Governator GIRLYMAN
Argentine author ___ Luis Borges JORGE
Ascot or cravat NECKBAND
Boggy marsh FEN
Burt Reynolds co-star DeLuise DOM
Chilean pianist Claudio ARRAU
Civil rights figure Parks ROSA
Classic line from Agent 00-420? BONGJAMESBONG
Cone-bearing tree FIR
Cop-out in the 'Chicken Little' story NOTI
Crew team's item OAR
Drab-colored Australian trees GRAYGUMS
Flabbergasted INAWE
Fulfill all requirements DOTHEJOB
Get fuming mad SEERED
Girl pursued by Agent 00-420? PUFFYGALORE
Gp. that often funds PBS NEA
Hesitant syllables UMS
Identity theft, e.g. FRAUD
Inquire on ASKABOUT
It gets its stripes early TIGERCUB
Janitor's tool MOP
Late comedian Kinison SAM
Leadup to L IJK
Like sandpaper COARSE
Lowlifes SCUM
Mag big shots EDS
Marina vehicles YACHTS
Moral system ETHIC
Music items in cases CDS
Nintendo product on many 'worst game controllers of all time' lists UFORCE
Noah's vessel ARK
Old lab heaters ETNAS
Plaintiffs SUERS
Pro-___ (mixed tournaments) AMS
Put 12/31/2020 on checks, say POSTDATE
Spitting four-footer LLAMA
Star of 'On Her Majesty's Secret Stash?' GEORGEBLAZENBY
Stoner's 1965 spy movie? THUNDERBOWL
Stoner's 2002 spy movie? HIGHANOTHERDAY
Story line's path ARC
Summer, in Paris ETE
T. Herman Zweibel's paper, with 'The' ONION
Tara of tabloids REID
Tart-tasting ACERB
The Bayou Bengals sch. LSU
Tom Selleck title role MAGNUM
Travels freely ROAMS
Ultra-fast jet SST
Uplift EDIFY
Who the USO entertains GIS
Wolfed down ATEUP
___-bo (gym fad) TAE
___-Magnon man CRO
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