How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Jul 03 2007

"Beat it!" SCAT
"Forgot About ___" (2000 single featuring Eminem) DRE
"Murder, She Wrote" locale MAINE
"Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!" network NPR
Actress Rachel of "The Notebook" MCADAMS
Battle amidst cornfields IOWACAUCUS
Be skilled with a staff, perhaps READMUSIC
Bishop's jurisdiction DIOCESE
Breath freshener produced by Chupa Chups SMINT
Bridge, in Brittany PONT
Capital of the Inca empire CUZCO
Chilly in Chile FRIO
Configuration file ext. SYS
Day planner abbr. THU
Disrupt from stable conditions UNHINGE
Edit film, maybe SPLICE
End of a pasta brand name RONI
Ending for demo or Dixie CRAT
Facebook rival MYSPACE
Feel sick AIL
Film technique used in the first "King Kong" movie STOPMOTION
First name in Slytherins DRACO
Free of fizz FLAT
Hamburger's place GERMANY
Have a hellish time deciding AGONIZE
His works were the basis of Gregory Maguire's "Wicked" BAUM
Iggy Pop's backup group, with "The" STOOGES
Le Duc ___ (Nobel Peace Prize refuser) THO
Lengthwise, old-style ENDLONG
Like some markets BEARISH
Like some peace INNER
Long times to wait ETERNITIES
Milk source COCONUT
Mixed martial artist Chuck Liddell's nickname ICEMAN
Network that ran "National Bingo Night" ABC
Not the norm STRANGE
Oceanic VAST
One of the Farrelly brothers PETER
Opera highlights ARIAS
Petrol, stateside GAS
Prominent female performer DIVA
Pub projectile DART
Puts on DONS
Response after knocking ITSME
Rio de Janeiro resident CARIOCA
Rustic storage CEDARCHEST
Ryder Cup org. PGA
Sault ___ Marie STE
Sexy section of the Yellow Pages ESCORTS
Sign represented by an M with a tail SCORPIO
Singer DiFranco ANI
Sleeping sickness carriers TSETSES
So far YET
Some family tree branches AUNTS
Some get rings NIPPLES
Stephen King book CARRIE
Stephen King book MISERY
Submission to a producer DEMO
Tiny pest GNAT
Totally attentive and receptive ALLEARS
Toward the sunset WEST
Tropical fruit trees CITRONS
TV screen varieties PLASMAS
When doubled, a Ben Kweller album SHA
Where kids bring change ARCADES
Where to do the downward-facing dog YOGAMAT
Where to plug in your electric bass AMP
Winegrowing region of NW Italy ASTI
With perfect timing ONCUE
___-of album BEST
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