How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Feb 13 2007

"Clueless" catchphrase ASIF
"That's kinda funny!" HAHA
"Voulez-Vous" group ABBA
"___ asked!" GLADI
1998 Disney movie MULAN
A French military strategist described it in 1918 as "an interesting toy" but "with no military value" AIRPLANE
Abbr. in some town names HTS
Author whose masterpiece only started selling well after he died HERMANMELVILLE
Baby Spice's real first name EMMA
Band originally snubbed by a label that said "Guitar music is on the way out" THEBEATLES
Basenji or borzoi DOG
Big name in household hints HELOISE
Biology class initials RNA
Borstein of "Family Guy" ALEX
Celine Dion song "___ Colombe" UNE
Company behind "Mega Man" and "Street Fighter" CAPCOM
Company whose founder first proposed the business concept in a college paper, earning a C FEDERALEXPRESS
Craving DESIRE
Designer Anna SUI
Donald's current wife MELANIA
Drew Barrymore's grandfather's brother LIONEL
Earned a trophy WON
Fills with bubbles AERATES
First sign ARIES
Florida fullback, for short BUC
Folk singer Williams DAR
Gem from the Latin for "precious stone" OPAL
Get there ARRIVE
Give a damn CARE
Hillside, in Scotland BRAE
Indefinitely long time EON
Indicator on a dashboard OIL
Inspire to act MOTIVATE
Invention a British parliamentarian claimed in 1903 would not lead to a decline in riding horses AUTOMOBILE
Island where the daiquiri was invented CUBA
It gets caught between the sheets STD
It's northwest from Napoli ROMA
Item deemed by a hi-tech company president in 1977 to be unreasonable for home use COMPUTER
KISS frontman Simmons GENE
Layers on the farm HENS
Little bit IOTA
McKeown of folk-rock ERIN
Motion pictures, overseas CINE
National bank, for short WAMU
Naturalist's response to pharmaceuticals HERBS
Object of worship, maybe HERO
One of Nancy's predecessors NEWT
Opera buff's subject ARIA
Operating system designed by AT&T employees UNIX
Paid players PROS
Painter of trippy clocks DALI
Pasture palindrome EWE
Paul Bunyan's tool AXE
Piano practice pieces ETUDES
Procedure to "jump through" HOOP
Radio host Don IMUS
Rags-to-riches author Horatio ALGER
Ready to be changed WET
Rueful word ALAS
Runs into the ground OVERUSES
Shaped, in Britain MOULDED
Sound from a tire with a hole in it SSS
Spring warmth THAW
Suffer through the stench, maybe GAG
Talking TV horse MRED
They go to the wall CARPETS
V flyers GEESE
Van ___ HALEN
Wasted LIT
Way too friendly child psychologist in a "South Park" episode DRPAL
Word before sex or fixation ORAL
___ control DAMAGE
___ liver (delicacy in a butcher shop) CALFS
___-Magnon man CRO
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