How many letters in the Answer?

Jonesin' Apr 16 2019

'Chicago' lyricist ebb
'Compás' point este
'Diary of a Wimpy Kid' kid greg
'Dr. Mario' and 'Duck Hunt' platform nes
'Finding Dory' star ellendegeneres
'Lucky Man' prog rock trio, for short elp
'So ___ to you, Fuzzy-Wuzzy' (Kipling) eres
'Tommy' song on day two of Woodstock seemefeelme
'Wordplay' and 'Simpsons' crossword guy with Will merl
'___ Griffin's Crosswords' (2007-2008 show) merv
180° from WSW ene
21___ (Shaq's foot stat) eee
Abu Dhabi VIP (var.) emeer
Actor Omar of 'Almost Christmas' epps
Angry, with 'off' teed
Auto body flaw dent
Bad driving condition sleet
Big buy for suds keg
Boat bottom keel
Bob who did 'Hollywood Nights' seger
Brain activity monitors eegs
Bus-jumping stunt cyclist, casually evel
Buying outing spree
Car also known as a Bug vwbeetle
Child star who was Damian in 'Millions' etel
City not far from Kingston upon Hull leeds
Conclusion, in Koln ende
Conduits found in 'TMNT' sewers
D&D and similar campaign pursuits rpgs
Didn't do it right erred
Dug around, with 'out' ferreted
Flimflams, for short bss
Folk/country musician Iris dement
Form an opinion deem
Gallup poll finding trend
Golf pro who won post-Fuzzy seve
Gps. that assist putting out conflagrations fds
Grayish-brown aquatic bird erne
Hairstylist known for cowboy hats eber
Half a cartoon duo with a platypus ferb
Handbook info regs
Hashtag post that's always apt evergreentweet
HOF Brooklyn shortstop with uniform no. 1 peeweereese
In ___ (actually) esse
July and August, to Balzac ete
K-pop group with a 2019 Grammy nomination bts
Kathryn of 'Oz' and 'L&O: C.I.' erbe
KFC drumsticks, basically legs
Loch for cryptozoologists ness
Mall Santa job or sub at work, say temp
Matt's 'Wild Things' costar neve
MIT study topic including hospitals, diagnostics and MRIs bme
Mutation factors genes
Not horiz vert
Nothing but mere
Oil tycoon Halliburton erle
Olympics sword epee
Ovoids in a carton eggs
Physics unit of work erg
Poly finish ester
Promgoing kids, for short srs
Pupil, in Paris eleve
Quattro minus uno tre
Raison d'___ etre
Robt. ___ (Civil War fig.) elee
RPI grad's abbr engr
Russo of 'Tin Cup' rene
School tasks using Scantrons tests
Suffix for carbon compounds, plural enes
Syngman ___ of 1950s Asian politics rhee
Throat doc that also works in ophthalmology eent
Toboggan sled
TV cook Graham and family kerrs
TV cook Paula deen
War of 1812 pact city ghent
WWF's 'Hitman' Hart bret
___ nous entre
___ out a living (got by) eked
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