How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Sep 17 2009

"... the ___ shall inherit ..." MEEK
"An ___ of prevention ..." OUNCE
"By all means!" YES
"I ___ Walrus" AMTHE
"Let's Make a ___" DEAL
"The Addams Family" cousin ITT
"The Good Earth" mother OLAN
"What ___ could go wrong?" ELSE
"___ a problem" NOT
"___ you loud and clear!" IREAD
Abundant AMPLE
African language group BANTU
Anagram for "peas" APSE
Artisan's furnace KILN
Assume to be TAKEFOR
At ___ time (prearranged) ASET
Australian bird EMU
Baby's diversion RATTLE
Ballerina's jete, e.g. LEAP
Beer alternatives ALES
Brewer's hotspots OASTS
Brussels product BELGIANLACE
Clairvoyant letters ESP
Columbo et al. (Abbr.) LTS
Companion of flow EBB
Delicate color variations TINTS
Doug Heffernan's delivery co. IPS
Energy booster PICKERUPPER
Few and far between RARE
Five percent of a score ONE
Fleshy seed wrapper ARIL
Giacomo Puccini specialty OPERA
Gravestone letters RIP
Hardly a show dog CUR
Hit and rebound CAROM
Hostile engagement FIGHT
Hr. fractions SECS
Inmate's break PAROLE
Item for a meter reader? POEM
Jazzman Jelly Roll MORTON
Jewelry that's not kept in a safe PASTE
Kilmer of "The Island of Dr. Moreau" VAL
List ender ETAL
Lith. and Lat., once SSRS
Machu Picchu dweller INCA
Marbled, as meat FATTY
Musketeer motto word ALL
Outstanding, as a performance STELLAR
Palindromic Dutch municipality EDE
Palpebral swelling STYE
People of intelligence? SPIES
Pointer target, sometimes ICON
Revival speaker EVANGELIST
Ronstadt hit "___ Easy" ITSSO
Ryan or Cara IRENE
Santa ___, Calif. ANA
Seafood selection FILLETOFSOLE
Secret rendezvous TRYST
Some lo-cal beers LITES
Some people have trouble carrying one TUNE
Something to dunk TEABAG
Sub ___ (secretly) ROSA
Tobacco holder PIPE
Tub sealant CAULK
Vanishing and magic, e.g. ACTS
Vexation PEST
Way-out swingers? DOORS
Wearied with pleasure BLASE
What deceitful people speak with? FORKEDTONGUE
Where you might see a lot of dribbling ARENA
Wile E. Coyote purchase TNT
Windy day features GUSTS
Word with "good" or "ill" NATURED
Writing class assignment ESSAY
___ acid AMINO
___ listening (radio format) EASY
___-four (bit of CB slang) TEN
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