How many letters in the Answer?

Universal Oct 17 2017

"Dynamic" prefix AERO
"Quicker than quick," in memos ASAP
"With this ring, I ___ wed" THEE
"You ___ to know that" OUGHT
"___ Flux" (Theron movie) AEON
African fly TSETSE
African plateau VELDT
Alleviator EASER
Allot or portion (with "out") METE
Allowances for containers TARES
Any dweller of any place HABITANT
At liberty FREE
Australian parrot LORY
Author Larson ERIK
Beatles film of 1965 HELP
Buffalo's lake ERIE
Bunny hill gear SKIS
Cafe offering FRAPPE
Certifiable INSANE
Chicago's business district LOOP
Class endings? ESSES
Cod or Fear CAPE
Columbus' supportive queen ISABELLA
Common craft material FELT
Common lunch hour NOON
Couple of swimmers? EMS
Debonair SUAVE
Dec. 24 and 31, famously EVES
Dog-___ (like old books) EARED
Drastic option for a pilot EJECT
Easy run TROT
English resort city BATH
Feeling of supreme wonder AWE
Fishhook feature BARB
Game-show host EMCEE
Gun the engine REV
Headstrong RASH
Imminent NEAR
Inscribe, as in rock ETCH
Let down, as trousers, e.g ALTER
Like a ball ready to be driven TEED
Lingerie item BRA
Looking down from ATOP
Made quite a stink REEKED
Marsh bird EGRET
Metrical unit IAMB
More prudent WISER
Most rational SANEST
Nighttime, poetically EEN
Novelist Deighton LEN
On the briny ASEA
One of the Monopoly tokens HAT
Plum for gin SLOE
Protein-rich bean (var.) SOYA
Publicize HYPE
Quite riled IRATE
Rude looks LEERS
Rum-soaked pastry BABA
Skedaddling absconders FLEERS
Some HS students SOPHS
Speak publicly ORATE
Spy in the Bible CALEB
Starting chip in poker ANTE
Statehood seeker (abbr.) TERR
Surrounding glows AURAE
Take potshots SNIPE
Tide type NEAP
Tribal symbol TOTEM
Tries out TESTS
Valentine's Day symbol HEART
Wails in deep mourning KEENS
Wolf sound HOWL
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